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Figure Skating – 1987 – European Championship Pair Finals – USSR Ekaterina Grodeeva + Sergei Grinkov

Every now and then, we here at ImaSportsphile responsible for posting each of these videos in this awesome vintage video library that simply becomes MUST SEE TV…..and this is one of those…..for our viewers will get to see something that most likely they have never seen before…. I mean, 99.9% of the folks out there have never seen what they will see in this video…..and the truth be known….not one person here at Ima has ever seen what you will see on the video herewith…..and we bet that you never see it again…..for pair figure skateing world champs Ekaterina Grodeeva + Sergei Grinkov were instructed to do what we have never seen before. 

Simply put…..we at ImaSportsphile. are “tickled pink” to have this “video diamond” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at our site.

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