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Figure Skating – 1987 – European Championships – Scott Hamilton Interviews Winner DDR Katarina Witt

The European Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition in which figure skaters compete for the title of European champion…..as medals are awarded in the disciplines of men’s singles, women’s singles, pair skating and ice dance. The event is sanctioned by the International Skating Union (ISU)…..and is the sport’s oldest competition. The first European Championships was held in 1891 in Hamburg, Germany….and featured just one segment, compulsory figures….with seven competitors, all men from Germany and Austria. It has been, other than four periods, held continuously since 1891, and has been sanctioned by the ISU since 1893. 

Women were allowed to compete for the first time in 1930….which is also the first time pairs skating was added to the competition…..as ice dance was added in 1954…..whereas only eligible skaters from ISU member countries in Europe can compete….and skaters must have reached at least the age of 15 before July 1 preceding the competition. ISU member countries can submit 1-3 skaters to compete in the European Championships.   

Katarina Witt won six consecutive European Championships from 1983 to 1988…..for between 1984 and 1988….Witt won ten golds from eleven major international events….with two Olympics, four out of five World championships and six European championships…..as her interview in this video seen herewith with CBS’s Scott Hamilton came after her winning the 1987 European Figure Skating Title….for the 5th time in a row.  Her competitive record makes her one of the most successful figure skaters of all time.

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