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Golf – 1963 – Highlights – 1st Annual NFL Players Association Golf Tournament


Steve Sabol of NFL FIlms provides this historic piece of video with a look-back at the 1st Annual NFL Players Association Golf Tournament played at Hollywood Beach Hotel Golf Club and Lodge in Hollywood, Florida….as players like Colts QB Johnny Unitas, Packers LB Ray Nitschke, Bears RB J C Caroline and many other “mastodons of the gridiron” tee it up for the fans….but the real star of the show was Cardinals K Jim Bakken was the real star of the show….as he played the entire round by kicking the golf ball with a specially designed golf shoe that looked like the face of a driving wood.  Another special to this tournament was US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s play along with the NFL Players. 

Any way you cut the pie….this video is an incredible “diamond in the rough”….no pun intended….or was it!?!….as we are pretty sure here at ImaSportsphile that nobody has ever seen this footage before….so, it is another rare gem in our treasure chest of memories. ENJOY!!! 

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