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Golf – 1978 – Curt Gowdy Hilites Year In Golf – Featuring Tom Watson + Jack Nicklaus + Nancy Lopez


Legendary sportscaster Curt Gowdy provides highlights of professional golf in 1978…..with highlights of leading money winner Tom Watson on the men’s tour with $329,429…..and Nancy Lopez on the LPGA with $189,814.  Gowdy goes on to cover the majors winners on the men’s side….with Andy North winning the US Open….Gary Player winning the Masters…..Jack Nicklaus winning the British Open….and John Mahaffey winning the PGA Championship…..along with highlights of Nancy Lopez winning the PGA Championship. 

In the middle of this video seen herewith….one legend, Curt Gowdy….interviews another legend, Jack Nicklaus….in an insightful look at The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus’ approach to the 1978 PGA tour….and his success after going through the 1st drought of his outstanding career up to this point…..which makes this video will worth watching for any and all golf fans.


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