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Golf – 1984 Skins Game – Tom Watson & Gary Player & Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer


In the nearly five (5) years that it took me to transfer Bone Daddy’s 2300 hours of vintage sports, comedy and music video library from Sony Betamax cassette to digital….I have never seen an event that featured four legends of their sport…..competing head to head for a ton of money at the time a competition which featured four highly competitive all time great golfers in history….who went toe to toe in a match play format playing for a Skin….where a put could sometimes be for $300,000…..like this competition featured in this treasure of a video.  

Simply put, when you get four (4) of the greatest professional golfers of all time competing head-to-head in this 1984 Skins Game for BIG BUCKS….then you have a real treasure to watch….cuz although these guys act like they are just four guys out having fun playing a friendly game of golf….this match is anything but that….for these guys are such competitors that inside each of them is the sincere desire to crush the other playing partners. 

When considering this foursome accomplishments….you have a total of 450 professional championship wins and 41 major PGA championship wins combined between the four…..which is absolutely an unbelievable achievement. I guess you could put together another foursome with the likes of Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino and Walter Hagen….who had a combined total of 439 professional wins and 39 major PGA championships…..but what other foursome could you come up with that could even come close…..OK, you might want to replace either Byron Nelson or Ben Hogan for Trevino or Hagen….but that would be about the only other foursome other than Nichlaus, Palmer, Player and Watson that could even come close to putting up the same combined record as the foursome playing in this video herewith.

Considering all of that, makes this video an absolute treasure and well worth watching over and over again….so, enjoy !!!

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