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Golf – 1985 Skins Game – Day 1 Front 9 – Nicklaus & Palmer & Watson & Zoeller


After posting over 1500 vintage sports, comedy and music videos here at Imasportsphile…..when it comes to golf…..I have absolutely loved watching these old PGA Skins Game videos…..cuz the viewer gets to watch four (4) of the best professional golfers of all time in a head-to-head competition for big bucks on each hole…..for this was a venue where the most competitive blood runs deep….even though the outward demeanor was cool, calm and fun loving…..when in truth, each golfer’s competive sires were burning at full throttle.

This 1985 Skins Game features four men that included three of the greatest golfers of all time in Jack Nicklaus with 73 PGA tour wins and 18 major championships…..Arnold Palmer with 62 PGA championships and 10 major wins…..and Tom Watson with 39 PGA tour wins and 8 major championships….then you throw in the very popular and always entertaining Fuzzy Zoeller….who had 10 PGA tour wins and 2 major championships…..and you have the makings for some really excellent and exciting golf….as this foursome certainly did not disappoint…..for this was an exciting 1985 Skins Game that is well worth the watch.

I have come to the conclusion that there are simply some videos that have a significantly greater draw to the viewing public….and this particular PGA golf video featuring the 1985 Skins Game….is one of those videos that is going to draw a great deal of attention as time goes by….cuz simply put….dang near every golf enthusiast that I know would just flat out stop what they are doing….and watch these four men tee it up against each other in a “high dollar match”….so, if you call yourself a fan of golf….you will want to watch this video over and over.

When you add in to this telecast of all time great golfers competing for big bucks the fact that the host commentator is Vin Scully….a sports broadcasting legend in his own right….then you have a match made in Heaven.

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