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Golf – 1985 – Skins Game – NBC Vin Scully Interviews Jack Nicklaus About Going From Villian To Hero

Of all the many interviews of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus that we have posted here at ImaSportsphile, this may be our very favorite….cuz The Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus) was in the process of dethroning The King (Arnold Palmer) from the moment he came on the PGA Tour…..and a large portion of the golf world at the time, weren’t ready to accept that….cuz they already had a champion of the highest order….who was highly respected and regarded…..while being loved by all….for he was so popular that he had an army that followed him wherever he might appear….and the truth be told….there has never been any army that compared to Arnie’s Army…..therefore, many in the golf world looked at Jack Nicklaus as a villian for eroding the kingdom of The King. 

Simply put, I said all of that to say this…..to a golf enthusiast Sportsphile…..the introspective response of Jack Nicklaus to Vin Scully’s question about what it was like going from villian to hero….as seen in this video herewith…..goes a long way to explaining why The Golden Bear surpassed them all….The King….The Black Knight….A Slammin’ Sammy….Supermex….A Tiger…..and A Hogan….for Jack Nicklaus rose above the all as a player of the game of golf.

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