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Golf – 1985 – Skins Game – Vin Scully Interview With Jack Nicklaus On Why Golf Is A Drug Free Sport

In this 1985 PGA Skins Game, NBC’s host sportscaster Vin Scully during an interview with event contestant Jack Nicklaus asks the question…..“Why is the sport of golf so visually drug free by comparison to other major sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc?”…..as Nicklaus’ response is well worth the price of admission to view this video to any and all golf fans…..and if we here at ImaSportsphile responsible for making theses posts, and writing the stories / text for each post might add our touch on the question as follows…..”Golf is a “gentleman’s game” …. whereas most other major sports have significant aspects of their sport that would not fall into the category of a “gentleman’s game”….plus, golf is played on golf courses that have strict rules of conduct….with many having strict dress codes which are more lent towards a gentleman’s look….so, between Nicklaus and us, we pretty much covered they question as well as it can be covered.

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