Golf – 1986 – Kemper Open – Sudden Death 2nd Hole – Larry Mize Vs Greg Norman – With Pat Summerall

These hole by hole highlights of the 1986 Kemper Open Golf Tournament sudden death playoff between Greg Norman verses Larry Mize were shown during the 1987 NBA Finals Game 3 between the Los Angeles Lakers verses Boston Celtics live program…..as CBS Brent Musburger would break into his NBA live telecast by switching back and forth to CBS Pat Summerall at the Kemper Open….which had been a live telecast prior to the NBA game….but as the golf tournament had gone into a sudden death playoff….as Summerall had continued his coverage on a extra hole-by-hole extended coverage.  The extended coverage would continue for the six holes that Mize and Norman would play against each other….until Norman won with a par on the 6th sudden death hole.


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