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Golf – 1986 – PGA Championship Special – Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way – How To Hit 4 Long Grass Shots-

Want to improve your golf game!?!…..just click on the video below….and receive the best instruction video on how to hit four different shots around the green while in long grass….as each shot is for different reasons of what you want to do on each particular location that your ball is in relationship to the contour of the green and hole you are shooting at….and guess what….your four shot lessons come from probably the greatest golfer to ever live….at least to this point in year 2019…..and our guess is that you will want to watch this “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories more than just once.

However, we here at ImaSportsphile want to point out that golf legend Jimmy Demaret made the comment that “Jack Nicklaus was seen on several occasions watching golf legend Ben Hogan practice….but Hogan never watched Nicklaus practice.” 

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