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Golf – 1986 – Special – Golf My Way With Jack Nicklaus – Instruction Of 4 Different Sand Wedge Shots

This video provides some very rare footage of golf legend Jack Nicklaus showing and instructing the golf fan the four different sand wedge shots that he uses during any round of golf…..depending on the lie and circumstances around the green…..so, we the golf enthusiasts are able to get video instruction from the greatest golfer ever on how to use a sand wedge in Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus….which makes this video a piece of “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile. 

Simply put….there is not a golfer alive in 2019 that won’t want to watch this video….I mean, how many times does a golfer get to learn about sand wedge shots from the master of The Masters….regardless of the fact it is 33 years later….which further supports our opinion that the Baby Boomer Generation had a lot of wisdom to teach the world….and they are too soon being forgotten.

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