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Golf – 1986 – The Masters – Augusta Chairman Hord Hardin Butler Cabin Interview With Sam Randolph

As we have written before…..we here at ImaSportsphile responsible for the posts on our site, have done enough different posts with Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Hord Hardin either doing interviews of dang near most all of the winners in the Butler Cabin at Augusta….who also got their green jacket after Mr. Hardin’s….as seen in this interview of the tournament’s low amateur, Sam Randolph…. cuz we have grown to “love and appreciate” Hord Hardin for his understated disposition and sense of humor….plus he always asks valid and introspective questions that only a serious golfer would ask. 

One of the more distinct benefits in the universe of sports, are the time honored traditions that are created by sporting events over time….which means enough time and history in any longstanding sporting event that creates worthwhile tradition…..and none of those traditions are more memorable than the tradition of the putting on the green jacket of the newly crowned Masters champion in the Butler Cabin at Augusta.


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