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Golf – 1986 – The Masters – Interview & Green Jacket Presentation With Hord Hardin + Brent Musburger

Talk about historic…this video of Hord Hardin, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club welcoming newly crowned winner of the 1986 Masters Golf Tournament The Golden Bear himself….who had  turned back the hands of time….after winning his sixth Masters Tournament with a phenomenally clutch putt at the end of the tournament….heck, we here at ImaSportsphile can still see Nicklaus coming out of his putting crouch and raising his putter in his left hand to high above his head.  

After posting some 4850 videos currently….there a less than two handfuls of them that really are attached to significant moments in the history of sports in America…..and this is one of those… my favorite part was Jack Nicklaus’ reaction when the past year champions, Bernhard Langer, put the green jacket on The Golden Bear……for it is reminiscent of a young man having a “kid boy” reactions ….when his dream actually came true. 

The fact remains that a historic video makes it well worth the price of the admission to see this video….however to hear Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Hord Hardin’s interview with Nicklaus…cuz it is also priceless. 

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