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Golf – 1987 – PGA Skins Game – NBCs Vin Scully + Peter Jacobsen Breakdown Format For The Skins Game

Peter Jacobsen is an American professional golfer and commentator on Golf Channel and NBC….as seen in this video herewith.  He has played on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour (Seniors Tour)….where he has won seven events on the PGA Tour….and two events on the Champions Tour….which were both majors. 

Jacobsen is known for his laid-back, humorous personality…..when during the Fred Meyer Challenge, he was known to do impressions of other players, such as Craig Stadler…..as the event was filmed and broadcast on the Golf Channel….after which they released a DVD and VHS of the footage, titled “Peter’s Party.”….plus, his sharp but playful humor is also evident in the video and audio commentary he provides for the player’s shot, good or bad, in various versions of Golden Tee Golf.… a video game from Incredible Technologies….which includes Peter Jacobson’s Golden Tee 3D Golf.

In 1977, Vin Scully began his first of two stints calling baseball for CBS Radio….while broadcasting the All-Star Game through 1982….when he was usually paired with Brent Musburger….and the World Series from 1979 to 1982 alongside Sparky Anderson.  Scully decided to leave CBS in favor of a job calling baseball games for NBC (beginning in 1983)….which was following a dispute over assignment prominence according to CBS Sports producer Terry O’Neil, in the book The Game Behind the Game…. when CBS decided going into the 1981 NFL season that John Madden….whom CBS had hired in 1979 and who had called games alongside Frank Glieber and Gary Bender his first two years….was going to be the star color commentator of their NFL television coverage….but they had trouble figuring out who was going to be his play-by-play partner….since Scully was in a battle with CBS’ lead play-by-play announcer  Pat Summerall for the position. At the time Scully was the # 2 announcer for CBS….which was a position he had held since 1975….while he was calling games alongside the former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Hank Stram….who had been promoted from CBS’ # 3 broadcast team alongside Curt Gowdy.  To resolve the situation, both Scully and Summerall were paired with Madden in four-week stretches….which coincided with each of their respective absences due to other engagements….while Summerall was away calling the US Open tennis tournament for CBS as he did every September….that is when Scully called the first four weeks of the season alongside Madden….and after that Scully went on to cover the National League Championship Series and World Series for CBS Radio….as he had done for the past few Octobers….and Summerall returned to the broadcast booth to work with Madden….as Scully then teamed with Stram for the remainder of the NFL season.       

From 1991 to 1996, Vin Scully broadcast the annual golf Skins Game for ABC….after having previously called the event for NBC from 1983 to 1989.  He also called the Senior Skins Game for ABC from 1992 to 2000….as well as various golf events for TBS during this period. 

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