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Golf – 1987 – Skins Game – Lee Trevino Talks About Skins Game + How Ties To Days As A Young Hustler

Every now and then….a really special video comes up to be posted that really catches this Sportsphile’s attention….and this video seen herewith just happens to be one of those…..cuz first of all, Lee Trevino is from Texas…..he’s a Home Boy….who grew up like many Texans, by translating his God-given talents into taking care of himself…..being self-sufficient….and capable of just simply betting on himself….and  Supermex was very adept at his understanding that he was better than any other player in Dallas, Texas at that time. 

That being said dear fans, the above is just small portion of the insight into who Lee Trevino was…..which was revealed in this video…..for this short minute and a half video shows a tremendous amount into why Lee Trevino was such an awesome golfer and magical shot maker….heck…in this 1987 Skins Game alone, he holed one shot from 70 yards….and “stobbed” one within 2 inches….so, you can see why this particular video is such a beautiful “pearl” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile.

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