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Golf – PGA – 1987 US Open – Round 3 – Olympic Club – With Jim McKay


At this point in the process of posting Bone Daddy’s entire 2300 hrs. of vintage video….to which as of today, I just finished posting my 1404th video….which amounts to 370 hrs. of content….meaning that I have a long way to go in order to complete my task of posting the entire content library.

Having said all of that….if there has been one thing that I learned in getting to where I am in this daunting task…it has been that there are events and sportscasters/hosts that simply make the program a cut above the rest….and I find when I come across one of those lil treasures….in sports, often times that broadcaster who took the program to the next level….turns out to be Jim McKay….whether he is bringing sports at the Olympics or sports on ABC’s Wide World of Sport….cuz it doen’t matter if he is covering snow skiing at Innsbruck….tennis at Wimbledon…..synchronized swimming at the Los Angeles Olympic Games….horse racing at the Kentucky Derby….or golf at the PGA US Open…..he is always eloquent and elegant in his delivery…..which makes his coverage of dang near any event….just a cut above the rest.

What all this means is that when you have a major golf tournament like the 1987 US Open….where the field and television coverage is full of golfing legends like Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw, Bernard Langer and Seve Ballasteros competing at the top of the leaderboard….and then you add Jim McKay to the television coverage….and you have an event that is just a cut above the rest…..and well worth watching.

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