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Gymnastics – 1977 – International Meet – USA Vs Romania – With Kirk Thomas + Nadia Comaneci


The three featured gymnasts in this 1977 International Competition between Team USA verses Team Romania were USA’s Peter Kormann and teammate Kirk Thomas along with Romania’s Nadia Comaneci….who were all “top shelf” in their disciplines performed in this video herewith…..as the viewer gets to see Kormann in his specialty, the floor exercise….and Thomas on the parallel bars, where he excelled….and the Comaneci on the balance beam….where she was a perfect 10 at the Olympics. 

This 1977 International Gymnastics Competition was brought to the viewing public on ABC’s Wide World of Sports….which was hosted by the incomparable one and only Jim McKay….who exuded “elegance and eloquence” in dang near every sporting event he hosted or broadcast.  This video also has a wonder piece on Nadia Comaneci and her lifestyle and training in Romania….along with a wonderful interview of the gymnastic legend…..which makes this MUST SEE TV to any and all gymnastics fans.


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