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Gymnastics – 1977 – World Cup Championships – Womens Uneven Bars Competition – USA Lisa Cawthron

In this video seen herewith…..15 year old USA gymnast Lisa Cawthron performs on the uneven bars at the 1977 Women’s Gymnastics World Championships….which was covered on NBC’s weekend anthology program Sportsworld…..which was hosted by renowned sportscaster Charlie Jones….who was a seasoned veteran at NBC by the time that Dick Enberg showed up on the network.  Joining Jones on this broadcast was Cathy Rigby, the 1970 US National Champion on the balance beam and in the vault….as this would be the start of what would end up being a long career for Rigby as a gymnastics analyst…..cuz the fact remains that Cathy Rigby was the “The Pathfinder” for the rise in popularity of women’s gymnastics in the USA…..cuz folks like Marcia Frederick, Julianne McNamara, Aly Raisman, Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes and Mary Lou Retton were not far behind.  

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