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Gymnastics – 1977 – World Cup – Women’s All Around Vault – USA Lisa Cawthron – With Charlie Jones

In 1977, USA gymnast Lisa Cawthorn had a spectacular year by winning her USA National Championship in the vault ….and then competing in the women’s all around vault finals at the Women’s World Cup Championships…..as seen in this video herewith.

There is a famous photograph of USA Gymnast Lisa Cawthorn being interviewed by sportscaster Nancy Heis….where Cawthorn is in her USA sweats…..and other than that….she has been difficult to find information on…..but, we here at ImaSportsphile know a great deal more about the commentators on this video, Charlie Jones and Cathy Rigby. 

When this video was recorded, Charlie Jones was a lead sportscaster for NBC Sports…..where he covered the NFL, MLB, PGA, Wimbledon Tennis, Olympic Games and was a lead host to NBC’s Sportsworld anthology weekend programming….which included events like this Women’s World Cup Gymnastics Championship.

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