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Gymnastics – 1979 – USA & USSR Exhibition – Women Uneven Bar – USA Marcia Frederick – With Jim McKay

Marcia Frederick is a retired American gymnast….who became the first American woman to win a gold medal at the World Gymnastics Championships in the uneven parallel bars in Strasbourg, France in 1978.  After having qualified for the 1980 Olympic team, she was the favorite for a medal in Moscow….but missed due to a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics led by the US President Jimmy Carter…..who robbed the dreams and sacrifices of some 461 USA Olympic athletes by using sports as a tool for politics….which we at ImaSportsphile believe should NEVER be done….cuz there is no room in sports for politics….for we believe that “The Worst Tics Are Poli-TICS”…..and years later, she was one of 461 athletes to receive a Congressional Gold Medal…..which has no value attached to it other that a token of having been robbed by a US politician.

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