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Gymnastics – 1980 – Exhibition In NYC – Womens Balance Beam – ROM Nadia Comaneci – With Jim McKay

In a Sports Illustrated article written about the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games women’s gymnastics competitor from Romania, Nadia Comaneci was the following description….At Montreal, Nadia Comăneci received four of her seven 10’s on the uneven bars….which is an apparatus that demands such a spectacular burst of energy in such a short time….only 23 seconds….that it attracts the most fanfare. But it is on the beam that her work seems more representative of her unbelievable skill….as  she scored three of her seven perfect 10’s on the beam….where her hands speak there as much as her body….her pace magnifies her balance….and her command and distance hush the crowd.” 

Therefore, we here at ImaSportsphile are happy to share this particular video with our viewers…..cuz it provides another visual expression of exactly what the Sports Illustrated said…..as the Perfect 10 performs again on the balance beam for the shear joy of the audience.

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