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Gymnastics – 1984 McDonalds USGF American Cup – Indianapolis IN – Mary Lou Retton & Tim Daggett


The part of this video depicting the 1984 McDonald’s USGF American Cup was a competition that transpired prior to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games…..in which the USA Men’s Gymnastics Team won the Olympic gold medal in Team Competition….so, therefore the interviews with team members Tim Daggett, Scott Johnson, Bart Conner, Peter Vidmar and Mitch Gaylord were recorded after they had won their Olympic gold.

The actual American Cup footage features USA Tim Daggett performing his hwinning high barcompetition….and Mary Lou Retton winning the floor exercise competition…..as this video also features Yang Yueshan (CHN) on the high bar…..as well as Daniela Silivas (ROM) in floor exercise……along with footage of Retton’s legendary coach Bela Karolyi 

When it comes to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….the 1984 L A Olympics videos in our Olympic library are probably my most     favorite set of videos in the entire 2300 hours of content….cuz my Bone Daddy set an Olympic fan record at these Games by seeing a live Olympic sporting event performed….that’s right….26 different Olympic competitions….26 different events attended….for this sports fan record can only be tied….but never broken. I will tell all the L A Olympics tales of the tallest order in my L E’s Stories section starting next year….but suffice to say…..the 26 tales of a magnificant adventure deserve to be told….for they are worthy of the finest of ranconteurs.

Anyway, long story short…..Bone Daddy saw the USA Mens Gymnastics Team win the gold medal live and in color….as the ticket to this event drew the second highest ticket price for  any sporting event at $500 per ticket to get into Wooten Arena in Westwood, CA…..and this video posting brings back fond memories of the teammates that dominate this video. 

Anytime a gymnastics fan gets to view Tim Daggett and Mary Lou Retton in any competition…..it is well worth the watch….so, enjoy!!


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