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Horse Racing – 1982 – NBC Special – Bob Costas Salutes Triple Crown Winner Secretariat


There is no question that race horses are athletes….who embody the same qualities as competitiveness, persistence, perserverance, heart….they got it all….and it doesn’t take a lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile to see that….but for me, it’s the speed and grace that WOWs me….which brings up a “sports point” with me….two sports that don’t get credit for their SPEED AND GRACE….which are insanely difficult to do are horse racing and figure skating….as these are two sports that are so hard to do while being made to look so simple.

Secretariat was a race horse in a class of his own….and broadcasting legend Bob Costas does a great job of paying tribute to this incredible athlete…..who helped heal a country by performing at the top of his ability….for on the biggest stages in horse racing….he seemed to give his very best….with SPEED + GRACE….which makes this video MUST SEE TV to any horse racing fan anywhere.

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