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Horse Racing – 1987 – Jim McKay Intro To The Preakness – Al Michaels + Dave Johnson Set The Field

ABC Sports was at the head of the pack when it came to live television sports coverage throughout the decade of the 1980’s…..with executive director Roone Arledge at the helm….as Roone had a stable of legendary sportscaster on staff….with the likes Jim McKay, Keith Jackson, Al Michaels, Jim Lampley, Chris Schenkel, Howard Cosell, Al Trautwig, Bob Beattie, Jack Whitaker, et al….who were capable of being behind the mike for many various live sporting events….as evidenced by this video herewith….in which the always “eloquent and elegant” Jim McKay introduces the program for ABC’s coverage of the 1987 Preakness Stakes….which is the 2nd leg of the infamous Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing….comfortably wedged between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes…..which is followed by Al Michaels and Dave Johnson setting up the field of 3 year old thoroughbreds running at the Preakness Stakes.  

This video clearly illuminates the wonderful talents of Jim McKay…..as there was never before and will never again be such a significant talent to host any sporting event….be it the Olympics, gymnastics, figure skating, golf, horse racing or whatever….as this sports commentator always brought his “A Game” to a broadcast.  In addition to McKay’s tremendous talents….Al Michaels shows off his soon to be legendary sports commentator talents….which would carry him through 2019….some 30+ years later….and when you include the unquestionable talents of Dave Johnson to analyze and call a Triple Crown horse race from the gates to the finish line…..then you have a historic match made in Heaven….which makes this video well worth watching.

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