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Horse Racing – 1987 – Jim McKay Introduces Kentucky Derby Field From Paddock To The Starting Gate

This video features ABC’s always eloquent and elegant legendary sportscaster, Jim McKay….as he introduces the horses composing the field at the 1987 Kentucky Derby….while the horses promenade from the paddock to the starting gate….passing in front of the main grandstand. 

This part of each Kentucky Derby is very special….as the viewers get to see the horses in all their gallant beauty….pass by in a single file in the order that they will enter the starting gate….which was 16 horses in this 1987 promenade.  The majesty and beauty of the Thoroughbred horse is breathtaking….and to see 16 of these beautiful “speed demons”…..while mounted by small powerful men in brilliantly colored silks….makes this video well worth watching.   

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