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Horse Racing – 1987 – Special – Dave Johnson + Al Michaels Review The Roughest Kentucky Derby Ever

This video features ABC’s Dave Johnson and Al Michaels providing analysis and review of the 1987 Kentucky Derby…..a race that Johnson calls the roughest horse race he had ever seen in his years calling thoroughbred horse races…..which involved a start that looked like a mugging in the back alley…..as sports columnists the day are the race compared the race to a rodeo….a hockey game….saying “it is a good thing the horses didn’t have elbows”.  

At this point in the video….Al Michaels provides video proof of just how rough this Derby was…..as eventual winner Alysheba was obviously given the opportunity to win through brilliant riding by his jock Chris McCarron…..which exemplifies just how accurate the eye of the camera is…..and how good ABC Sports was at filming the entire rough race….from start to finish.

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