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Horse Racing – 1988 – Special – Daughter Of Secretariat Tragic Death – Story of Sacs Golden Summer

The daughter of legendary race horse Secretariat….who was probably the greatest thoroughbred race horse to ever grace a racetrack….was a 1st generation filly named Sacs Golden Summer from the incredible blood line of Big Red….who had tremendous value “if she couldn’t beat a fat man racing”….was found dead in her stable on a sad day in 1988….which goes to show every sports fan that there simply are no guarantees.

NBC’s Tom Hammond provides a well designed explanation of what happened to the valuable asset….just by virtue of her lineage….while highlighting the empty hole that the filly Sacs Golden Summer left with her tragic death.  You can see the empty sadness during the interview with the filly’s owner, Tom Gentry….as he quietly wrestled with the unexplainable death of Sacs Golden Summer….which makes this video seen herewith an absolutely rare piece of video that shows the downside of a sport that is rarely seen by horse racing fans everywhere.  

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