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Olympics – Special – L E’s Stories Special – “A Story Of Olympic Proportions As Olympic Fan History Made At 1984 Los Angeles Games”

It has been said that there is no event in the universe of sports that is more provoking and impactful than the Olympic Games….not from the standpoint of what obsession does when applied to athletic endeavor ….which is incredible to say the least….but more so from the standpoint of how the HUMANS of the world can come together in focused competition without the burdens of politics being involved (for the most part)….with the simple ability to mesh cultures with a warm smile….for it is a place where the HUMANS of the world actually prove that they can coexist peacefully regardless of their differences in language and culture….and especially politics.  As with each of my stories, I will always share some of the really rare pieces of video here at ImaSportsphile….for having posted a total of 5,478 videos as of this post on June 30, 20202….as these posted with this story are some of my favorite of all of those that I have posted…so, I hope you enjoy these herewith.                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – Opening Ceremony                                                                                                 In The Staging Area With ABC Sports

 Welcome to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics section….for these are the stories that I grew up with….having been told to me many times over by Mom (Angel) and Dad (Hans)….cuz they were both there with Bone Daddy during this period of his life.  It was an adventure experienced by the original Tres Amigos (long before the movie of the same name).  This was a trip that started out on what had been expected to be a fun run to the Left Coast….you know…California….the Left Coast….with the beach….girls in bikinis….L A nightlife….and Olympic sports competition.  Does it get any better than that?  These are the stories that I know like the back of my paw….cuz I’ve heard them over and over since I was a little tike.

Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – Opening Ceremony With ABC’s Jim McKay
Bone Daddy’s trip to the 1984 L A Summer Olympics was a monumental experience….which ended in the setting of an unbreakable record in Olympics sports fan history.  “Yep….the trip produced a record for the ages that can only be tied…..NEVER BROKEN”….and the likelihood of some fan being able to coordinate such a record tying effort….but also crazy enough to try and do so….just almost seems unachievable.  I mean….just when considering the number of scalper tickets that had to be bought….not to mention the logistical coordination that had to be carefully planned out just to be able to accomplish such an endeavor.  I think I am safe to say that it probably will never happen again….at least not in my lifetime….. well that’s probably closer than farther……so, I’ll say “not in my grandchildren’s lifetime”.                               

                         Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – Amazing Highlights Of XXIII Olympiad                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you take the opportunity to read all of the stories that I post in our Olympics section….especially the parts that tell about the incredible displays of athleticism on the fields of Olympic competition….coupled with what the Tres Amigos accomplished in the process of just 15 days….and you will have to agree that this was truly a mission of the highest order….”a mission from God”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      While building this page, I ran across this video which is a CBS Sports production which depicts the Opening Ceremony for the 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles….wherein the Olympics will be held in L A for the 3rd time….while becoming the only city to host three Olympic games…..and as seen in this video below, the theme of the Opening Ceremony will be a tribute to the 1932 and 1984 Olympics…..and since Bone Daddy is a part of Olympic history, he is definitely a part of Los Angeles Olympic history.                                                                                

Olympics – 2024 – Special – Mock Opening Ceremony For The 2024 Los Angeles Olympic Games

Olympics – 1984 – Letter From USOC Board Of Directors With Peter Ueberroth, President

This trip would never have happened without the December 1983 closing of the largest real estate sale that Bone Daddy ever had in his 40 year career as a broker and investor.  To celebrate his achievement….BD purchased three (3) sets of tickets to seven (7) different sporting events to be held at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics that following summer.  Pictured below is the letter delivered with the tickets by mail and signed by Peter Uberroth….President of the USOC for the L A Games.  

 Bone Daddy called his travelling buddy for the past 5 years….the Prince of Pleasure….to tell him about the tickets to The Olympics that he had purchased…and invite him to “GO West young man” .  Prince’s immediate response was “absolutely, cuz traveling to Los Angeles during the hottest part of the summer sounds wonderful to me”.  Prince was known to be a bit sarcastic….especially in this particular situation….since he knew that BD didn’t have a very high opinion of Los Angeles in the first place…..as Prince had heard BD’s horror stories from having spent time in the City of Angels on three (3) prior occasions.  In fact….when L A would come up in a conversation….BD would always provide the rhetorical question….”Why would anyone live in L A during peacetime?”

                            1984 L A Olympics Tickets For Archery + Fencing + Soccer + Cycling + Tennis                                                         Purchased By Bone Daddy Prior To The Start Of The  Olympic Games                          

After getting Prince onboard….Bone Daddy then contacted Sky Pilot….an old friend of both Prince and BD….who had been a tree top flyer during the days of outlaws flying in and out of places South of the Border….to see if he would be interested in joining his band of merry adventurers on the upcoming sports journey….and specifically, to act as the designated driver and navigator for the trip.  Bone Daddy knew that he and the Prince would more than likely burn the candle at both ends while they were out  West….you know….”riding hard by day and playing harder by night”….while catching a few winks here and there.  BD knew that this trip would require a clear head and a conscious mind….in order to negotiate the logistical challenges that driving in the City of Angels would require during the Olympic Games.  As Bone Daddy so succinctly put it….”getting where you want to go while driving in L A can be a challenge”.  BD was a master of the understatement himself.                                                                                  

Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Highlights – USA Carl Lewis                                                                         Wins 100m + 200m + Broad Jump + Runs Final Leg Of 4 x 100m Relay

                                                                                                                                                                                      Bone Daddy also knew that Sky Pilot was good friends with The Turk….an Austin street magician of considerable notoriety….who happened to be an active member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles.  Located in the middle of Hollywood was a place known as The Magic Castle….a place where magic happens every moment of every day….and a real happening place in the City of Angels in 1984.  The Magic Castle was home base for the Academy of Magical Arts for the whole world….as this was the place where every person who ever learned a trick and performed magic would like to have their picture hanging on the walls of this hallowed ground of magic.  The Magic Castle happened to also have a very exclusive hotel….that to my recollection required a member of the Academy just to be able to make a reservation and stay in the place… and BD thought it would be really cool for The Tres Amigos (BD, Prince & Sky) to be able to call The Magic Castle their home while staying in L A during their trip to the Summer Olympics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Magic – 1984 – Special – The Academy Of Magical Arts – Presents A Tour Of The Magic Castle                                                             In Los Angeles With General Manager Joe Furlow

                                                                                                                                                                                    In this section…..I will tell the many incredible stories by attempting to give you a day by day….play by play….description of the events that unfolded before Los Tres Amigos….as their trip started to develop and head in a history making direction.  I will include much of the pomp and circumstance that surrounds any Olympic Games competition….and to say that Peter Ueberroth and his staff put on one hell of a show would be another understatement….as HUMANS gathered from places all over the world to observe…. cheer….and experience the feats and achievements of the greatest athletes in their fields of Olympic competition and sport.  I remember Bone Daddy talking about getting to the Olympic Stadium several hours before the start of the day’s event…..and just walking around the L A Coliseum from top to bottom….as he counted nearly 50 different languages and dialects being spoken…..which added to the enormous spectacle of color and pagentry that the Olympic games truly are.                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Olympics – 1984 – Gymnastics – Women’s All Around Competition                                                ROM Ecaterina Szabo’s Performances In Vault + Uneven Bars + Balance Beam + Floor Exercise

                                                                                                                                                                                    As Bone Daddy so eloquently put it….”In my 60  years of attending sporting events….I have never seen such a large collection of exceptional  athletes containing every athletic prowess imaginable…. brought to a peak of performance through sheer obsession….providing every fan who attends with more indelible memories of what “Higher, Faster and Stronger “really means.  I have never seen more phenomenal feats of athleticism performed in any competition I have ever attended and observed…..and I get to share all the feats and all the stories with my readers….exactly as they unfolded over the course of fifteen (15) days in Los Angeles, California in 1984.  A magical story of historic proportions unfolded from the moment Los Tres Amigos landed.  By the time the journey had completed….Bone Daddy….the Price of Pleasure….and Sky Pilot….had attended a “live event in every sport” in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games.  That’s right….26 different live events in 26 different sports in 15 days….putting 2300 miles on a rent car sorely needed just to attain the logistical capability to achieve their mission….and they did it…. OH MY GOD DOG….THEY DID IT…..so enjoy the ride….it was quite a journey.  What makes this all great….is BD also has the whole broadcast of the 1984 Games of L A in his video library….which means that you’ll get to see some of the things he saw up close and personal….so “have fun on my magic carpet ride”.                    

Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – Special                                                                                             The Debut Of Synchronized Swimming At The Olympics

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       DOG NOTE:

                                                                                                                                                                                The stories told in this 1984 L A Olympics section provides a “full disclosure explanation” of how this incredible Olympic collection came together.  All the facts are documented….cuz I did all the research on these stories….as wild….as unbelievable….as magical….as they might seem to be.  I have personally verified the correctness of all the facts….cuz I conducted my own personal interviews….not just of Bone Daddy….but of the other two Los Tres Amigo and friend….who actually were in attendance at more than one Olympic venue.  These interviews were conducted on various occasions under different circumstances.…including personal interviews the other two record setting participants….Prince and Sky Pilot.  I realize that my readers might not only have a hard time believing that all the stories are true…..but also in grasping the magnitude of all the effort….planning….and just plain luck….that was needed just to be able to pull off this historic and now documented trip.  What that means to you is that you probably will need to read all of the stories in order to fully understand these things….cuz I gotta tell ya….the plethora or should I say cornucopia of sports competition seen during that hot summer in L A in 1984 was extraordinary.

Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Opening Ceremony Special – The Settling Of The West                                                                        With ABC’s Jim McKay & Peter Jennings

It is my opinion that the Olympic Games are unique unto themselves in the overall spectrum of sports….providing so much more that just the world class athletic competition….which in and of itself is more than enough to satisfy any true Sportsphile.  Bone Daddy says that in all the years he has been involved in sports….he has never seen any live sports competition that comes even close to comparing with the achievements that Olympic athletes are able to accomplish. There seems to be no comparison in all of sport to the amount of time in training and preparation that is required by every hopeful Olympic athlete for four (4) continuous years between one Olympics to the next.   Obsession becomes the key word specifically applicable with “what it requires just to have a chance to go for gold against the best in the world at your discipline”.  In the USA alone….it requires total obsession and total dedication just to have a chance to represent your country against the best that the world has to offer.  Regardless of the sport or athletic discipline….in regard to Olympic competition….obsession is the common thread that runs rampant throughout every Olympic village.

Olympics – 1984 – Special – Rhythmic Gymnastics Makes Its Debut At The Los Angeles Games

Since the day a couple of years back that I officially became a Sportsphile….I have become more than qualified to provide valid sports commentary.  That said….it is my observation that in the universe of sport….more than other universes of HUMAN endeavors….the Olympics bring more HUMANS of all types….colors….opinions….religions ….nationalities….or whatever….to come together onto level playing ground….providing a fertile venue for all HUMANS to find a way to coexist together….while being governed by the rules of fair play.  Nothing allows HUMANS to coexist in an environment without the “puppet strings of politics” affecting their microcosm so much…..albeit even sports at the Olympics….are not totally immune to the whims of HUMAN leaders with power. The truth is that every now and then in the Olympics….some power wheeling politician just feels like they have to exercise those powers….typically in a place where that power should never have been wheeled…..but it was in spite of itself.  Need a good example? How about when Jimmy Carter used his Presidential power to ban the US Olympic team from attending the 1980 Moscow Games….with his reason becing cuz the Russians sent troops into Afghanistan?  Does that mean the US should not have gone to the 2012 London Games?  Didn’t the USA have out troops in Afghanistan at the time….COME ON MAN….for if Presidents….Czars ….Dictators….Kings….and all other types of HUMANS with power….would just keep their noses out of the Olympic Games….the people of the world would get along together amazingly well.  If being allowed to continue to evolve without politics entering the equation….sports just might set a standard by which all of HUMANITY can actually learn to coexist peacefully….as John Lennon so eloquently said in his song….”Imagine all the people living life in Peace.”                                                                                               

Olympics – 1984 – Special Documentary – Carry The Fire                                                                           The Incredible Story Of The Olympic Flames Journey Across America                                                                  9,000 Miles + 4,000 Torch Carriers + 30,000,000 Fans Line The Road

                                                                                                                                                                                     I want all you HUMAN sports lovers and possible Sportsphiles who just have to read my stories….to understand that I am a dog.  I am writing from a dog’s perspective….and simply put….I have a dog’s education….which has been completely based on life with the original Sportsphile….112 years to be exact….and not cuz of any formal education ….so don’t expect learned grammar in my writing….and be ready for my written words that may not be words….but you’ll get the hang of it as you move through the pages.  For example….since I’m not sure if cuz is a word or not….but since I use it in my writings….it’s written word….and that’s good enough for me.  In addition to my education through living with a Sportsphile….I have done extra work in understanding the teachings and philosophies of God Dog….which I feel obligated to pass on to you.  You see….none of what you read is from any formal education on my part….which means what you can expect is dog grammar….cuz we dogs do not think nor express ourselves like HUMANS do.  “Can you say….THANK YOU GOD DOG !!!”                                         

Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – Special – Highlights Of Michael Jordan                                           With The Amateur “Dream Team” (1984) And The Professional “Dream Team”  (1992)

                                                                                                                                                                                Just look at it this way….if you read enough of my stories….you’ll more than likely end up agreeing that I’m pretty good at what I do….and that my style is rather nice….cuz it does what I call FLOW….and FLOW is something that is important in anything dogs or HUMANS do in life…..as a matter of fact, I wrote a rather insightful DOG  PHILOSOPHY about the importance of FLOW & FLOAT in all walks of life on this Earth….so quit being so critical….be a little less HUMAN….and enjoy my content….and what I have to say….cuz I gots a bunch of it….cuz I sincerely believe you will enjoy how this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile FLOWS & FLOATS through the pages of video posts and stories here at ImaSportsphile.           

          Olympics + TV Ads – 1984 – Los Angeles Games Olympic Contest At McDonald’s To Win $10,000


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