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Horse Racing – Alysheba – Triple Crown – L E’s Stories Special – “Alysheba: Two Out Of Three Triple Crown Wins Ain’t Bad” – In Honor Of Owners Pamela & Dorothy Scharbauer

Alysheba (March 3, 1984 – March 27, 2009) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse that won two legs of the Triple Crown in 1987….plus, a successful sire….who produced 11 stakes winners….as a bay colt was sired by Alydar out of the mare Bel Sheba, by Lt. Stevens….as he was bred by Preston Madden at Hamburg Place Farm in Lexington, Kentucky….and was sold as a yearling to Dorothy and Pam Scharbauer for $500,000….who just happen to have been friends and aquaintances of Bone Daddy’s family for many years while growing up in Midland, Texas….as both families were members of the 1st Baptist Church…..and communed with each other every Sunday while attending Sunday school and chruch services….plus, Bone Daddy’s older brother was a classmate of Pam Scharbauer on several occasions throughout elementary, junior high and high school throughout from 1950 to 1963….so, this story is dedicated to Dorothy Scharbauer….who was a good friend of Granny Jean (BD’s Mom) for many many years until Dorothy’s passing in 2004….as they had both spent many hours at the Church in service….and loved each other from the deepest parts of human emotions.                                                       

Horse Racing – 1987 – Blue Grass Stakes – With Alysheba Winner By A Head

Dorothy Scharbauer was a gracious lady….who was a quiet, elegant and a generous stalwart in her family and in her community….which she dearly loved….as this was a lady who was rich enough to live any place in the world she wanted back in 1958….and she chose to live her entire life in Midland…cuz the life she lived while being married to a Ranch Baron” is unlike any other….and it is a very captivating life that is hard to leave…..for Dorothy was “absolute royalty” all over West Texas…..which is described more succinctly as they are “Ranch Barons”…..who were the folks that ranched 500,000 acres to 1 million acre ranches….on which they ran vast cattle operations….when a “round-up” would sometimes take weeks covering 100 of miles of territory….and Dorothy’s husband, Clarence Scharbauer, along with others like  Frank Cowden……who were two of those Barons that had lots of acreage….when “black gold” was discovered under the surface of all of West Texas ….when the “oil boom” began in the 1940’s in West Texas….that’s when Ranch Barons became overnight millionaires….and that was when West Texas Royalty became ABSOLUTE.


Horse Racing – 1987 – The Breeder’s Cup Classic Race – Featuring Two Kentucky Derby Winners – Alysheba + Ferdinand

Scharbauer, who was born March 9, 1931, in Midland County to Fred Turner Jr. and Juliette Turner, was married to Clarence Scharbauer Jr. in 1949.  The Scharbauer influence in Midland and West Texas dates to the late 1800’s….when the pioneer Scharbauer family settled in the vast “Midland Country” …..and became steeped in ranching….and later in petroleum and community building.  The Turner Mansion, which was the home of her parents and her childhood home….which became the focal-point and foundation of the Museum of the Southwest following the death of her parents in the 1960’s….as she was always keenly interested in the Museum and was an avid supporter in all ways.


Horse Racing – 1987 – The Kentucky Derby – With ABC’s Jim McKay – Winner Alysheba

Midland College President Dr. David Daniel characterized Scharbauer as a “very gracious lady who didn’t require the spotlight and who did so much for this area.  The Scharbauer family, as everybody knows, has done such much for so many” Daniel said. “Part of the determination of that family and the feeling that success also means giving back to the community probably had its genesis in that gracious lady.”  The Midland College Student Center is named in honor of Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer….to which Daniel said….“The Student Center is one of the most important structures on this campus….and certainly is the busiest,  I think the Scharbauers are really proud of that….although they never looked for headlines or attention….and I think they wanted to do this to help the college. We are proud to have their name associated with us.”                                                                                                                                                          

Horse Racing – 1987 – The Preakness Stakes (Race Only) – With Winner Alysheba

Frank Cowden Jr., was a 2nd generation Ranch Baron, and his wife June Cowden noted that Scharbauer was a person of “great of faith. She was very gracious and strong.”….while Edwin Magruder, Midland’s mayor in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s…..who was a friend to Clarence and Dorothy Scharbauer beginning in the late 1940’s….as he noted he had lived in the Hotel Scharbauer for awhile following his and Clarence Scharbauer Jr.’s military service in World War II….for that was when Clarence Scharbauer Jr. and his widowed mother, Ruth Cowden Scharbauer, had “lived on the top floor (of the hotel) before he and Dorothy married” in 1949.  Magruder said that Clarence Scharbauer Sr. had built the Midland Hotel in the late 1920’s…..and spoke of Dorothy as “She was always a good person – generous.  She was a down-to-earth person, a lady who got along with everyone she ever came in contact with. She seemed to be a lot like her mother. She was pretty quiet and very, very interested in horses and that sort of thing. Her father was a racehorse man and an oilman.”                                                                                                                           

Horse Racing – 1988 – The Woodward Stakes – With Winner Alysheba

So Dorothy Scharbauer was a racehorse woman who was raised around the racetrack….which means that her daughter Pam was 3rd generation….so, they knew a good racehorse when they saw one….and in 1987, Alysheba, a 1984-foaled bay stallion thoroughbred racehorse….who was owned by Dorothy & Pam Scharbauer…..when their stallion won the 1987 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes….which ain’t the Triple Crown….but it is mighty good…..and being able to post this story of Dorothy and Pam Scharbauer was a real treet….cuz I had no idea that they owned racehorses….but as you see, it just ran in the family DNA.                                                                                                                                                                            

Horse Raching – 1986 To 1988 – Special Film – Alysheba: America’s Horse

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