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L E’s Stories – “Bachelor’s Degree In Intramurals At University Of Texas + A Masters Degree In Austin City League Sports + A PhD At Madison Square Garden Sports Bar = The Making Of One Sportsphile“

There are periods in each HUMAN life….where each person gets to exhibit their true talents….while exposing their heart, their soul and their passions……and a place called Austin provided the times in which Bone Daddy truly displayed his finest talents for the whole world to see….for the truth be known….he really did not know that his best talents shown brightest during his times of being heavily involved in the world of sports…..cuz it was just a mere 40 years later….while living in paradise on the Costa Grande in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, that he finally realized that being a Sportsphile was truly when his highest use and productivity quotient was “on overdrive”…..for it was what he was supposed to be doing….as Bone Daddy has said…..“It just all came together.  I looked around at what I had accumulated at age 60, and it was all sports stuff which included 2300 hours of vintage sports, music and comedy on Sony Betamax cassettes (all 1500 of them) along with 3500 pieces of sports memorabilia, and i asked myself what I was gonna do with all of it now that I was moving to Zihua!?!  My first inclination was to sell the entire library along with my thousands of pieces of sports memorabilia… those considerations led to a web page and it all just came together from there. It is an ever developing idea which encapsulates a  goal of posting the entire collection on the web page, at which point the web page will be donated to ImaSportsphile Academy Foundation, a charitable foundation whose proceeds will go to building academies / schools with sleeping and eating quarters that are exclusively for children who need homes. The children will grow up through the tenants of sports…..follow the rules, always be ready to participate,  play hard and clean, when you get knocked down, get up and dust yourself off and get back into the fray. The ImaSportsphile Academy will have an education curriculum that allows focused learning for all aspects of vocations under the sports umbrella, which will include playing pro sports, coaching sports, sports nutrition, sports medicine, sports management, sports marketing, etc….as our academy students will be able to enter the workforce in their chosen field of sports upon their graduation.  In my wildest dreams…..I see ImaSportsphile Academy in every major city around the world….cuz the whole world loves sports.”                                                                                                                                                                           

Comedy – 1985 – Special Excerpts – The Comedic Genius Of Jonathan Winters


Our UT / Austin section of our video museum holds more memories and stories than any other section…..cuz these were the times in which the boy grew into a man…and the man grew into a Sportsphile….and the Sportsphile became a father at 40, again at 44, again at 71, and again at 74….but that is another story…, Bone Daddy left Midland and West Texas in the Fall of 1965….while heading for the Hill Country of Central Texas and The University of Texas at Austin.  From the Fall of 1965 to the Spring of 1991….some 35+ years….the Sportphile known as Bone Daddy….honed his education while majoring in Intra Mural Sports at UT….while getting a BA degree in finance from the University of Texas Business School under Dean Kozmetzki…..after finishing in the Spring of 1970.  Immediately upon losing his “perfect dream” scenario….known as UT Intramurals….the next chapter of BD’s education was to attain a Masters Degree in his chosen field….on the fields of Austin City League play in football…. basketball…. softball and volleyball….and he played them until 1986. The Austin Experience would be capped-off while receiving his PhD in Sportsphile through his dedicated work at Madison Square Garden from 1975 to 1991.                                                                                                                                                           

MLB – 1973 – Special Highlight – Mickey Mantle Hits His Last Home Run At Yankee Stadium – With Mel Allen On The Call


In all fairness….Bone Daddy spent 3.5 years abroad while in the US Military….w 1.5 years in Europe during his City League Sports Masters Degree program from 1970 to 1986….but that’s still….at least by    my count…the fact that it took him 11 years to finish his Masters degree.  Can you say Slow? OK, can you say complicated?  Throughout this entire labor of love while balancing studying for a business degree with playing multiple intramural sports at the University of Texas….as Bone Daddy was able to be on UT Intermural championship teams in multiple sports while competing against athletes of high caliber…. which is evidenced by his appearance on the Texas Rec Sports Wall of Fame….after which his education continued by participating on Austin City League…..with several winning teams from 1972 to 1986….where their opponents had players that were recognizable from college and pro programs….while playing on multiple sport championship teams….for  BD’s entire “masters program was spent with the Over The Hill Gang….which no matter what the sport or season….it was Los Tres Hermansos (Lil Wally, Bone Daddy and Runt) were the core members of the team….like so many times in the past… BD’s could never have gotten his Masters without the help of his Brothers.                                                                  

NBA – 1963 – NBA Finals Game 6 Highlights – Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers – Showcasing The Incredible Boston Center Bill Russell


Bone Daddy was able to reach the highest level of his education during his doctorate work at Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E.6th St. in downtown Austin, Tx….. while having opportunities to sit down and talk sports with Hall of Fame MLB managers…..getting autographs from Hall of Fame players….having first name business relationships and friendships with Legendary Coaches…, bringing the first satellite sports to Austin….and so much more….for there are more stories in this section than you can shake a stick at…..cuz there simply wasn’t any sports bar in Austin that compared to MSG The Sports Place…..none….nada….nicht….for there certainly wasn’t any place that had a “bleacher section” that held 150 fans….or any place using a satellite dish broadcasting…..nor any place that served a world famous hamburger known as the “MSG Burger” with double meat (1/4 lb patty) double cheese (cheddar, swiss or pepper jack) with double bacon….which came with tater tots or fries with cream sausage gravy….or had 40 different ice cold beer on tap…..or a 110 ft long sitting bars…..or had three regulation Brunswick Sport King pool tables…..or had 2 regulation 21 ft. bar shuffleboard tables….and there certainly weren’t any places that played back recorded sports, comedy and music…..not in 1975, and that is for sure.                                                                                                                                                        

NCAAF – 2006 – A Football Life Special – The 2006 Rose Bowl – USC Trojans Vs Texas Longhorns – Featuring The Heroics Of QB Vince Young For Texas


Also in this section of our library….I get to tell stories about memorable people who came to the bar…..with great tales about memorable events that took place at The Garden….in addition to  stories about Austin….a place that is truly beautiful….with a wonderful stroke of weirdness….I mean, the legendary slogan “Keed Austin Weird” was an abundantly popular bumper sticker on vehicles in the 1970’s and still is in the 2020’s….as ATX is uniquely special in many ways….maybe cuz there is something in the water….or maybe it’s the soil….or maybe it’s the convergence of cosmic elements that are always at play….and any way you cut the pie….Austin, TX is a place that is special unto itself.  After all….it is the home of the best Tex-Mex food on the planet….while being the live music capital of the world….a place that naturally turns beautiful every Spring….as the bluebonnets and a myriad of Texas wild flowers bloom all over the countryside in the Hill Country….which is the home of Willie Nelson….the home of The University of Texas…..a place where God chose Burnt Orange as the color of the sunsets….need I say more?….cuz there’s a whole bunch more.  Simply put, the reason  why this section is so special to me….is cuz UT / Austin is where “the fine wine known as Bone Daddy Sportsphile was ripened….bottled….and aged”….allowing this lil ole Chiweenie the opportunity to share it all with you.                   

Boxing – 1974 – World Heavyweight Championship Title Fight – Highlights Of The Rumble In The Jungle With Muhammad Ali Vs George Froeman



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