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Special – Editorial – L E’s Stories Special – “Biggest Bubbles Have Robbed The Retirement Wealth Of The American Middle Class”

As I tell this story today, I will share with you some of my favorite content from our incredible video museum here at ImaSportsphile…..which I know is well worth the price of admission and the time to watch….cuz I know that each video encapsulates tremendous talent that is simply worth watching.





NBA – 1985 To 2015 – Special Highlights – Top Ten NBA Dunks Of All Time




From this lop-eared….small brained….four legged creature’s perspective….the greater part of the decade of the 80’s was spent by most American HUMANS living in a totally fantasy world.  This was a world where folks had spent their whole life accumulating what they hoped would be the foundation of their retirement….a life full of investing time….energy….and resources….in their dreams.  Little did any of these folks think that all of their deposits into the development of their dreams would completely disappear in the not too distant future….as they would be robbed of their equity….when the economy created by the “30 Year Bubble” was continuing to be inflated during the time of building their equities.  For the first time ever in the history of America….the populace painfully and visibly experienced the effects of the greed that drove “the powers that be” during this time of over inflation of THE BUBBLE.  And by the time that many of the American HUMANS woke up to their realization of having been robbed….was the understanding that these acts of robbery were founded in greed by those who had financed….regulated….and dictated….the policies and procedures that were followed until they disappeared “when THE BUBBLE burst”….and by the time they realized the position they were in….they couldn’t do anything about it. 





Music – 1978 – Live In Chicago – John Prine Singing “Sam Stone”                                                                              

During the times of these American Bubbles, there were the remnants of the Baby Boomer generation of American that went to war in Viet Nam….which was truly a sad time in the country’s history……as this generation of men were exposed to the horrors of war….while fighting for a country that didn’t appreciate the war…..and especially didn’t appreciate the men who came back from the conflict….as evidence by the songs that were written about the “forgotten soldiers of the forgotten war”.  For folks like Bone Daddy…. who served as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army during the Viet Nam war….and had so many friends that didn’t come home….and for many of those that did come home, they came home to a country where many of the folks was not proud of them…. and really had animosity and hate for them….so, John Prine’s song “Sam Stone” tell the story so well about what it was like for the soldiers to have no homecoming.                                                                          


Comedy – 1986 – Animated Scene From Movie Aladdin – With Robin Williams & As The Genie In Movie Aladdin




                                                                                                                                  This particular bubble had been inflating for the better part of the preceding three decades prior to when it was first publicly perforated….thus introducing the beginning of its eventual “deflation process” in our country by the events surrounding the tragedy of 9/11.  As THE BUBBLE finally burst….it had lost a significantly amount of its air by 2007….and the country began spiraling downward.  By that time….the bubble had been expanding and inflating at a fanatical pace….and all the while, most Americans were completely oblivious to its growth….much less having any awareness of the initial proliferation of their fantasy. 


Boxing – 1973 To 1987 – Special Highlights – Career Knockouts of Marvelous Marvin Hagler                                                                                                                                                                          



                                                                                                                                    The deflation process began….and like in the prior three decades….by the time I started writing this story during the 2011 NFL Playoffs….some four full years later….THE BUBBLE had not yet even come close to completely deflating….and not only in America….but actually in the world economy….which is still experiencing the effects of the deflation process of that 30 year growth bubble even today.  No one really knew when and where the final effect of deflation might happened….for by the end of 2012….there was another bubble that was being inflated, which was not going to be seen until March of 2020….when the Corona Virus attacked the world and especially the most successful economy the world had everr seen….and in a few short months, brought the US economy to a screeching halt….for by this time “fantasy world BUBBLE” finally had lost all the air it ever consumed and contained in the inflation process….and just when all those HUMANS affected were are able to get back to what was a true and fair value of what they have and own…..that is when Covid-19 appeared and the new bubble grew exponentially in 5 short months that THE NEW BUBBLE became obvious….as the “Tech Giants” of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple et al, are all working in unison to remove all the cash that has been put into savings in banks everywhere….and replace it with some kind of digital currency….as my prediction is that they will send you a bag to bring all your cash….and replace it with a digital account that allows you to make simple easy transactions without cash…..and as they do so, The New Bubble gets bigger and bigger which will soon be exposed….so, be beware of signs that say “Debit Card & Credit Card Accepted – No Cash”  





MLB – Nolan Ryan – 7th No Hitter Entire Game – May 1, 1991 – Toronto Blue Jays Vs Texas Rangers




So I say to myself….self….if our world has already gotten to this unimaginable and outrageous state….why not tell a story that is just as outrageous… that it almost seems to be a fantasy tale….and although many folks will have trouble believing it is true….those who can see the “sheep behind the fleece” who were economically involved at that time know the truth.  Need I remind you that as in all things around our world….”the 1st liar ain’t got a chance”…even in this story….just like the first liars who started blowing hot air into THE BUBBLE over three decades before it’s slow and ever painful collapse ever began. 


College Football – Extended Highlights – 1982 – Southwest Conference Game of the Week – # 19 Texas Longhorns Vs # 4 SMU Mustangs




                                                                                                                                    The truth be known….by the time that THE BUBBLE that started around 1977 finally deflated completely around 2002…..and that is when a brand NEW BUBBLE began to be inflated by the “hot air” of politicians and power brokers in the “home of the brave and land of the free”…..which by July of 2020 had manifested itself into anarchy which showed up on the streets as “peaceful protests masked by violence and destruction”…..while experiencing calls to “defund the police” in America’s more liberal cities…..  which was started by a pandemic….and before the world will have adjusted and moved on….the powers that be in the world of digital technology will have already once again set the wheels in motion…..which will spell the greatest robbery of the American middle class….as the The Bubble will incrementally expand….and then when it finally burst….and there will be no middle class in the USA….for they will have been robbed of their savings….and there will be just the rich and the poor.     


Daredevil – Evel Knievel – Special – 1967 – “Pure Evel:  American Legend” – Featuring His Jump Over The Fountain At Caesar’s Palace



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