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Softball – Eddie Feigner – Greatest Softball Pitcher Of All Time – L E’s Stories Special – “The King And His Court Was A Must See When They Came Thru Midland, TX”

Bone Daddy has often said that now that he is into his 3rd trimester of life……60 years old and beyond…. that at this point in his life (74 yrs) that he has found that a good dog (that’s me)….a good game on television…. and a good cold beer is about as good as it gets at the end of a day…..which leads into today’s story regarding a subject that touches me close to my heart….as I really don’t know if many HUMANS fully understand why dogs love to have their tummies rubbed….and

     Look At Those Ears
              Tummy Rubs Please!!

 from what I have seen in my 118 years (dog years) on this Earth is that HUMANS rarely ever get their tummies rubbed.  Yeah…. there’s the rub of the tummy when the baby is in the womb….and that gleeful rub of the tummy when a child sees an ice cream sundae…..but other than that….I’ve just don’t see much of it going on….and it is still one of those things about HUMANS that I don’t understand….cuz when you get your tummy rubbed….you are surrendering one of the most sensitive parts of your body….while submitting to your trust in that person who is going to rub your tummy. You just don’t know whether they will or they won’t do something unexpected while you are lying there completely susceptible to attacks or tickles in and around your soft underbelly….and to say that it’s kinda exciting would be an understatement….cuz there is a special feeling that you get deep in your stuff….when having a tummy rub.  So, in my humble Chiweenie opinion….I think HUMANS ought to start rubbing each others tummies instead of shaking hands when greeting another HUMAN.  If they did….HUMANS just might have a clearer picture of another person’s true reason for greeting them …..simply by the way they rub the tummy of another….and that is something that I have mastered…..and remember, dogs will do fantastic things when they regularly have their tummies rubbed.                                                                                                                                                 

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The truth is that when it comes down to it at the end of the day….all you HUMANS actually envy us dogs.  Why you ask?  Well, it’s cuz we have HUMANS who work hard all day long….while we dogs just hang out at home doing simple dog things like you know….eating…. sleeping….scratching….sniffing…licking ourselves where you HUMANS can’t….you get the picture.  And with every day that passes….our HUMANS come home from their work….and especially if a dog’s got a good HUMAN….who fixes dinner for us and fills our water pails….and then give us lots of pets and tummy rubs. I think you will agree that knowing these dog truths about tummy rubs….that even the HUMAN whose not the brightest candle on the cake can say yes to this question ”Ain’t a dog’s life great?”  Now you can understand why we open up to our HUMANS and let them rub out tummies. 

I don’t know what it is about most of you HUMANS…especially mine….when they come home to their dog after going on a sports trip (or any trip for that matter)….for that is when almost all dog’s HUMAN just has to tell their dog about everything that they did on the trip….in full detail.  I mean a dog hears and learns more than a HUMAN’S hair dresser ever hears.  For those HUMANS who don’t know this….there is a universal God Dog law….to which God Dog teaches all dogs when they are young that “your HUMAN simply MUST tell you what all happened while they were gone….with every detail.  It’s just part of their reporting back to duty process”. That’s all of it….so there….now you know.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The story of Bone Daddy and me begins with some background of just who he was….as he has been a salesman and entrepreneur his whole life….except for the 3 years he spent in Uncle Sam’s Army and a six year stint with Lil Wally’s (BD’s big bro) company…..he hasn’t worked for anyone but himself.  Since he has been in the people business his whole career….when he leaves the workplace at the end of the day and he comes home….it’s just him and me….cuz by this time each day…..he has had his full quotient of HUMANS.  Since BD is a true SPORTSPHILE who LOVESLIVES and BREATHES SPORTS….this is typically the time that we spend together watching programs of all things sports.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bone Daddy has attended many, many live sporting events over the past 60+  years…….bringing home every type of souvenir and memorabilia you could think of….along with many really good stories from each trip taken.  What’s more….I know the real truth of what happened on these trips….unlike anybody else on this Earth….cuz not only have I heard all of his stories on many occasions…..but I also have very good ears you know….just look at my picture again if you need reminded of this fact.  Yep, I have heard these stories often and well….and although I am small in stature….I am a virtual mental giant with a memory like an elephant….which is the only part of me that even resembles one of those big boys. 

Some of my favorite stories about BD growing up in West Texas were the stories of him seeing his first living sports legend in a sport that is very popular out west known as “Fast Pitch Softball”…..which is a sport that is every bit baseball as baseball is, only with a larger ball…..and it is said in serious softball circles that it is more difficult to hit a softball off a good “fast pitch softball pitcher” than it is to hit a baseball off a good baseball pitcher…..but that’s for another story for another time….so, there is no doubt in my mind that Bone Daddy saw the absolute best “fast pitch softball pitcher” EVER live on three separate…..in Midland, Abilene and San Angelo during the 1950’s and 1960’s out in West Texas when he would go to see live events starring Eddie Feigner: The King And His Court….for this man was magical with a softball in his hands….when of February 18, 1967, Feigner appeared in a celebrity charity softball game against many Major League players. In the game Feigner struck out Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Maury Wills, and Harmon Killebrew all in a row.  Feigner also struck out Alan Chambers three times in a 1976 exhibition game. The King and His Court touring team played over ten thousand softball games in a hundred countries from the late 1940’s to the beginning of the 21st century…..and achieved widespread fame similar to that of the Harlem Globetrotters. Feigner’s meticulous records claim 9,743 victories, 141,517 strikeouts, 930 no-hitters and 238 perfect games. The Washington Post described him as “the greatest softball pitcher who ever lived.” Despite his substantial record, Feigner said that while his team was known for taking on local softball teams and often winning by considerable margins, the intent of The King and His Court was to entertain audiences, never to embarrass opposing players. “When a man steps up to the plate, we have nothing but respect for him,” he was noted for oft quoting.


     Softball – 1946 To 2000 – Special – Legendary Softball Pitcher Eddie Feigner: The King And His Court


          Softball – 1987 – Eddie Feigner Highlights – The King & His Court at Schautz Stadium, Dunmore
And Rare Clips From 1987 / 1988 / 1992

                 Softball – 2000 – Special – Legend Eddie Feigner Pitching In His Last Season At Age 75

                                          Softball – 1963 – Special Film – The King And His Court


                                              Special – 2015 – The Story Of The King And His Court                                                                                With The Greatest Strikeout Pitcher Of All Time In Eddie Feigner

        News & Softball – 1995 – CBS Special – The King And His Court On The Road Again And Still At It

                             Softball – 2000 – Special – Eddie Feigner: The King And His Court Highlights                                                                                During His Final Year Of Pitching At Age 75

As evidenced by these video above…..Eddie Feigner was something very special…..a legend in a  “dinosaur sport” that was in its heyday only during the 54 years that he played and entertained fans all over the world….and since he was an integral part of Bone Daddy’s life as a developing Sportsphile….he deserves his place here in L E’s Stories….and I my tummy is “tickled pink” with our extensive number of The King and His Court  video content that we have.




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