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MLB – Don Larsen – Perfect Game Pitched – L E’s Stories Special – “Dateline October 8, 1956: Black & White TV…..Rabbit Ears…..and World Series = PERFECTION !!!

                                                                         QUOTE OF THE DAY

            “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..but perfection was at Yankees Stadium in Don Larsen’s                                                              arm on that day, October 8, 1956.”    Bone Daddy


On this famous day in MLB history……Sam Houston Elementary 4th grade teacher Miss Coronet brings her “black and white TV with rabbit ears antenna” to school…..with hopes of gaining reception for the viewing pleasure of her classroom of Game 5 of the 1956 World Series between the Yankees and the Dodgers.  Don Larsen pitches a perfect game as history was made that day…..spurning one of her student’s to begin a 35 year journey of loving the New York Yankees……resulting in the comprehensive collection of Yankee memorabilia that we have on display in our Yankees category here at ImaSportsphile ….so, for my tribute to this historic day in Yankee baseball lore…..I have decided to post videos in our collection depicting Yankee players and events of that historic day and year.

MLB – 1956 – Special – NBCs Bob Costas Salutes Yankees Mickey Mantle MVP Year

On this historic day in baseball lore….Mickey Mantle hits a game winning home run…..launching himself into a position of being one of BD’s all time favorite athletes by the time that Bone Daddy was 9 years old….and though some 64 years have passed….only Bill Russell and Muhammad Ali have moved in front of Mantle on BD’s all time favorite athlete list….for this day of October 8, 1956 was the moment in time that ignited BD’s 35 year journey of being a serious collector of Yankees baseball cards and memorabilia….for beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder…..and perfection was at Yankee Stadium in Don Larsen’s arm that day as it was viewed by Bone Daddy’s 4th grade class.

                  MLB – 1956 – Special – NY Yankees P Don Larsen’s Perfect Game 5 Of The World Series                                                                            As Viewed By His Catcher Yogi Berra

                                                                                 DOG ASIDE:

It is June 4, 2020…..and the thought of watching the MLB World Series game during class would seemingly provide a far better alternative today verses dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic and the riots in the streets of America….cuz you just gotta think that if everyone  were watching Game 7 of the World Series…..that the would would be in better shape…..so, what becomes obvious to this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile is that the “Old Normal” is way better than any kind of “New Normal”.

On a different subject….the is a question that I have always wanted to hear an answer to. so, what is it with you HUMANS that makes so many of all of you such pack-rats….I mean, man, ya’ll save like nearly    everything….receipts from a Woolworth store for 10 items at $21 with tax….programs from your daughter’s 6 year old dance recital…..flowers from your first love….who deflowered you after you            received that flower that you kept….do I need to go on here?                                                                                         

    MLB – 1956 – Special – Don Larsen’s Perfect Game As NY Yankees Beat Brooklyn Dodgers In Game 5

                                                                                                                                                                                    Now don’t get me wrong….I understand keeping things that provide wonderful memories….cuz like all dogs…I got memories too….but mine are all stored upstairs….you know in that safe and secure mental closet…..that’s where all the memories come from….or at least are supposed to come from…..but like many things that are more HUMAN than dog….all ya’ll HUMANS just seem to have to complicate everything….even memories. Now with dogs….about the only things that we tend to hold on to is our HUMANS…..and of course….a good bone….you know, one that still has some good gnawing left in it.  We tend to keep our memories in our heads….where memories are supposed to reside…..we don’t have to hang on to any other keepsakes to remind us….mainly cuz our lives are so simple we don’t even have any places to store keepsakes…. there aren’t any shelves,garages or attics in our lives.  Anyway, what dogs need to keep in mind is what we need to do to get our HUMAN to remember to feed us each day……nothing complicated…simply driven by food….and of course….more treats.  I think you will agree with me on this one….doesn’t this prove once again that simpler is better. So, this all started on October 8, 1956…..and on that particular school day…… BD’s teacher, Miss Coronet, brought her black and white television set with rabbit ears antenna to class hopefully so the whole class could watch the World Series.  The video below is a group discussion that includes three World Series perfect game pitchers….Don Larsen (1956)…..David Wells (1998)…..and David Cone (1999)….as each of these “perfect pitchers” all played for the Yankees.                                                                                                                               

         MLB – 2010 – Highlights & Roundtable Discussion With Don Larsen + David Wells + David Cone                                                 The Three New York Yankees To Pitch Perfect Games                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I don’t even know what a B & W TV even looks like ….heck I’m not even from the days of TechniColor and Vistavision….as my tenure on this Earth co vers the days of Wide Screen TV….HD TV….Plazma….3-D TV…. so what the heck is a “Black & White TV”?…..and what pray tell….are “rabbit ears antenna”….cuz all us dogs know that rabbit ears are the part of the rabbit that you don’t eat when you catch one….and we really like to chase those little bunnies….especially the ones with cotton tails….   .as it seems that you HUMANS also enjoy doing the same thing….since Hef (Hugh Hefner for those not in the know) proved this long before the product Viagra could extend the hunting time for you MALE HUMANS…..typically of advanced age that still like to hunt lil bunnies with cotton tails.                                                                                                       

TV Ads 2017 – Clear TV- As Seen On TV Antenna Review Regarding Rabbit Ears TV Antennas

                                                                                                                                                                                  Anyway, Miss Coronet’s black & white TV allowed her classroom to view Game 5 of the 1956 World Series with the New York Yankees vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Oh my God Dog….how times have changed since 1956….a time when the Three R’s were taught….Reading, Riting & Rithmetic….the 3 R’s???….isn’t that reading, writing & arithmetic….the 3 R’s???….even a lil Chiweenie dog knows that’s not good spelling.  Anyway, what was cool was that the elementary school principals back in the 1950’s considered the World Series important enough that they would let their teachers at their schools bring in a new fangled devise called a black and white television….with rabbit ears….for all classmates to watch….both boys and girls.  In 1956, Miss Coronet did not even know if her new fangled television would be able to pick up the game….but it did….and there was BD getting to take a break from the Reading, Riting and Rithmetic (3 R’s???).  By the way….regardless of how it is spelled….it sounds like to me that the 3 R’s might still be a better way of teaching than what is done in the classrooms of America today where the teachers teach to the test….like they do in Texas currently…… hereby America’s educators would never consider viewing a World Series Game as a valid teaching tool in Texas schools today.

Comedy – 1962 – The Jack Paar Tonight Show Featuring Comedian Jonathan Winters                                                     Doing A Gay Moby Dick Captain Arnold & John F. Kennedy Routine
BD was getting to interrupt school work to watch Bauer, Collins, Mantle, Berra, Slaughter, Martin, McDougald, Carey, and Don Larsen pitching for the Yankees…and Gilliam, Reese, Snyder, Robinson, Hodges, Amoros, Furillo, Campanella and Sal Maglie pitching for the Dodgers….are you kidding me…how many Hall of Famers are in those starting lineups alone….I know….do you?  If you do….you just might be a Sportsphile.  So, the Yanks won 2 – 0….and Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in MLB World Series history……which still stands today…..a game having NO RUNS, NO HITS, NO ERRORS, NO WALKS AND NO BATTER REACH 1ST BASE….A PERFECT GAME.  Top all of that history off with the fact that The Mick….BD’s favorite player….went 1 for 3….hitting a home run in 4th off Sal Maglie in front of 64,519 fans.   

               MLB – 1956 – Special – Don Larsen’s Perfect Game Biography From World Series Game 5

                                                                                                                                                                               Man,  what an introduction to start out what would become a 35 year love affair with the New York Yankees….and Bone Daddy left school that afternoon hooked as a Yankee fan from that day forward….as he would spend hours on the playground playing ball and acting as if he were Mickey Mantle….Yogi Berra….or Whitey Ford…..depending on what position he was playing that day…..as he devoutly started to collect Yankee baseball cards from that day until 1981…..when then Yankee owner George Steinbrenner refused to resign OF Reggie Jackson and that is when his love for the “boys in pinstripes” began to wain.                                                                                                                                                                             

                            MLB – 1956 – Special – A Championship Legacy: 1956 New York Yankees

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Beginning that day and every week after the “PERFECT GAME” was seen on B & W TV with rabbit ears (I just love saying that)….BD began spending 10 cents out of his 25 cent weekly allowance on 5 cent packets of bubble gum and baseball cards….as collecting Yankee cards seemingly became one of BD’s main reasons for living….and it became his passion for the next several decades.  Heck, with us dogs….we have trouble in comprehending when a HUMAN starts talking about decades of anything….. cuz dogs can’t hardly even conceive thought in multiple decades….shoot, we are lucky to live much less think past one decade in HUMAN years in regards to our lives on this Earth….what with getting hit by cars when crossing the street so we can have our daily movement in the neighbor’s yard…anyway….we dogs are lucky to make it through a decade…..much less think in terms of multiple decades.

                       MLB – 1956 – Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports Radio Presents World Series Game 5                                                With New York Yankees Vs Brooklyn Dodgers As Brought To You By Bob Wolf





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