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Boxing – Muhammad Ali – Heavyweights / 3 Time Champion – L E’s Stories Special – “I’m The Greatest….. A Sportsphile’s Perspective of Muhammad Ali

A true testament of courage comes not from stepping in the ring to fight Sonny Liston when you are young and strong……and even then….superior to the others…. but rather, when delivering the               first pitch at Opening Day in Miami for the Marlins….when your body has been ravaged by Parkinson’s    disease….while your hands no longer have the speed and power of a Cassius Clay….but instead…. require another person’s hands to hold your hands sufficiently to enable you to pass the first pitch to the catcher….and do it with a “gotcha and a smile”.  Throughout the testament that is Ali’s life….he has never thrown a cheap shot at anybody or anything that life put in his path…..and that alone allows us to talk about GREATNESS.                                                                                                                                                             

Boxing – 1964 – Special – The Greatest By Mateusz M – Muhammad Ali As Seen Thru The Eyes Of Those Who Knew Him

                                                                                                                                                                                      The real purpose of this story is to address the subject of copyright infringement in regards to any segments of video from Bone Daddy’s personal video library that is ever used in Ima Sportsphile….and I am addressing this subject right up front.  Every piece of video that I use in my stories is simply to enhance the experience of each story….without even a hint of profit by doing so.  This web page is my gift to any interested visitor….and it is my intent to never cross the line of infringement.  As you read my stories wherein which videos are used….you will notice that I often take the time to give credit to the originators of the copyright product that I am using.  After all….the major media networks absolutely were the major sources for the original product that Bone Daddy recorded.  If it weren’t for these BIG BOYS who hold the copyright for each recorded minute in BD’s 2300 hour collection….there would not even be a question of copyright infringement.  Keep in mind that within each story that I use copyright material….the subject of copyright infringement had obviously been addressed long before the sale of the first video recorder….otherwise, any HUMAN that could afford the video recorder….like Bone Daddy….could record as much copyright programming as they wanted….visa vie BD’s expansive library.  Anyway, Bone Daddy already tested the right to playback any video tape from his personal library in a public establishment….as he would video tape the top sports, comedy and live music events on the weekend…..and replay the whole program back at his sports bar throughout his hours of operation from 11am to 2pm for seven (7) days a week….and he did this in a very large public place for the better part of a couple of decades.  I said all of that to say this….simply put….this is my disclaimer in regards to copyright infringement in regards to the videos that I use to enhance my stories….so, just enjoy it for what it is….a simple gift to the world from a lil ole Chiweenie….who appreciates the BIG BOYS for helping create this Sportsphile.                                                                                                                                                 

Boxing – 1964 To 1981 – Special – Highlights Of Muhammad Ali’s Funniest Moments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  While reading my writings….understand that dogs live by the very good philosophy that SIPMLER IS BETTER….which is something that HUMANS generally have no concept of….for if you look at virtually everything that HUMANS have done or had a part in doing in the history of the time that they’ve been on this Earth….it becomes obvious that HUMANS complicate dang near everything they touch.  The fact is that sometimes they can take the very simplest situation to resolve….and in many cases….actually complicate the simple enough….that a resolution is never met or accomplished.  If you continue to follow my stories….I think you will agree with me by all the examples I give….that SIMPLER IS BETTER.   

Since I’m the one here who keeps things simple….let me ask a question that seems simple….at least to this lil ole Chiweenie….so, all ya’ll do understand why I call my guy Bone Daddy…..right?…..well, then again….probably not….cuz it’s just not complicated enough.  Let me fill in the simple facts….Bone Daddy is a true Texan….and Texans love their steak….especially the kind that have big bones in them that make a “T for Texas” which they can throw on a grill….you know….T-bones and Porterhouses…..Yuummmmm!  Well, who do you think ends up with those bones?  Yep that’s right….it’s me….and who do you think makes sure that I get those bones?….yep….that’s right!….my Bone Daddy….get it?   And guess what….it is Simple….can you imagine that?  Another thing….do ya’ll who aren‘t from Texas know why Texans love steaks with big bones in them….cuz the meat is sweeter closest to the bone….and who could tell you that better than an “Old Dog”.  You can take this one to the bank….cuz you can bet the ranch that there will not be one little morsel of sweet meat left….not when I finish with a bone.                                                           

Boxing – 1964 To 1981 – Special – Muhammad Ali: Amazing Speed

                                                                                                                                                                                      This section of the sports museum and video library initially carries the title of “I’m The Greatest – MUHAMMAD ALI”….because of his position of being Bone Daddy’s all time favorite athlete….having held down the # 1 position for longer than I have been around.  Therefore….I have started off my Boxing Section of the museum with stories about ALI….for this will be my tribute to his exalted position in BD’s life.  As time goes by….this section will morph into my entire Boxing section….which is expansive especially considering the amount of content I have to choose from in the video library. ”Can you say 400+ World Championship Fights?”                                                                                                                          

Boxing – 1977 – World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Highlights – Earnie Shavers Vs Muhammad Ali Featuring The Infernal Round 15

                                                                                                                                                                                      To my way of thinking….the 400+ Championship Fights in Bone Daddy’s video library really covers the Golden Age of Boxing….spanning almost three decades from the 1960’s to the nearly 1990.  This was a period when there wasn’t just big money purses for the few like the Mayweather’s of the world today…. you know….the ones who can bring a lot of pay per view customers in today’s market…..cuz it’s about the pay for view audience of the boxing world of today….as the networks in this day and age (2020) aren’t      carrying live boxing like they did during the period of BD’s collection. 

During the time and effort that it took to amass this awesome collection of boxing video together….as boxing matches were being shown on multiple networks….often on the same dates and times in direct competition for ratings….as NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TBS and others fought  it out on the airways while presenting the best live boxing fight cards that promoters of the day like Don King, Bob  Arum, Jim Jacobs and many more could conjure up and put together.  How else could you get 696 boxing matches in a personal library within such a short period of time as the 17 years Bone Daddy’s sports bar was open….during what we at ImaSportsphile call “the taping years”.                                                                                  

Boxing – 1971 – Special – David Frost Show Featuring Muhammad Ali Talking About Racial Integration

                                                                                                                                                                                    The video above provides one of the most powerful messages ever recorded….for it is my opinion that Ali was not only The Greatest to ever grace a boxing ring…..but also The Greatest at natural intelligence of HUMAN understanding…..as evidenced by his words in this interview with David Frost regarding racial integration……“I wanna be with my own. I love my people. I don’t hate nobody.”….cuz Muhammad Ali wasn’t just smart, but without question was an intelligent, independent deep thinker…..for he presents one of the most eloquent anti-multicultural arguments I’ve ever heard….who doesn’t hate others…..and simply just loves his culture….while wanting to preserve it, and recognizes and accept as natural that others would feel the same about their own cultures. Very wise. indeed.                                                             

Boxing – 1970 – Special – Interview With Muhammad Ali Regarding Why He Became A Muslim

                                                                                                                                                                                 BD has always had some really interesting thoughts about how the promoters killed the beautiful art and sport of boxing….as I’ve heard his rants more than once about how the world has lost the fine art of boxing….cuz there just ain’t no art displayed when it comes to the UFC’s of today….which rivals boxing in popularity today.  Now don’t get me wrong….those UFC boys are tough and bad ass….but they’re not at all artistic…kinda like a pit bulldog….and they have no idea what a combination of accurately applied punches really means. So, this section should be a great deal of fun to many of ya’ll who love boxing.  It will develop slower than some of the other category sections in my museum….cuz BD has tons more boxing video with a much less expansive collection of boxing memorabilia.                                                             

Boxing – 1982 – Special – Muhammad Ali Talks About Preparing To Me God

                                                                                                                                                                                    Unquestionably, BD has a wonderful amount of Cassius Clay and Muhammad ALI video footage….which I am just dying to share with you….cuz I just gotta tell you that I have always really liked ALI….but for much different reasons than why BD….as my favorite thing about him has always been….as I will prove to you in videos that I post on him that there is a little kid inside of him that just loves come out and play with you.  So here’s the proof of what I just said….cuz last year I sat with Bone Daddy and we watched The Opening Day of the MLB Season game together at Marlins Park…..and the person who was going to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch was Muhammad Ali….who appeared in a golf cart while riding in the passenger side front seat with a driver and a person sitting back where the golf bags with clubs typically ride.  It became apparent to all who watched….that the person on the back had a singular purpose to holds ALI’s arms down to avoid the continuous uncontrolled shaking during the process of driving him towards the pitchers mound.  His attendant was there to restrain the uncontrollable shakes that the hand of advanced Parkinson disease had dealt him by then….for here were the arms and the hands that once took down Sonny Liston….Joe Frazer….Ken Norton….George Foreman…Ernie Shavers….Jimmy Ellis….Leon Spinks….and so many other champion caliber heavyweights of the time….and for today….he needed a full time assistant to help him move his arms in the right direction and deal with the hands of fate that he now has.


MLB & Boxing – 2012 – Special – Muhammad Ali Delivers The First Pitch At Marlin Stadium On Opening Day

As the golf cart pulled along side the pitcher’s mound…..ALI gave the best rendition of throwing a ball that he could muster up….then the golf cart slowing began to move towards home plate….and when ALI and the ball arrived….his attendant places both of ALI’s hands around the ball….and as ALI’s hands holding the ball moved forward to the catcher’s mitt as the catcher stood at home plate.…with arms shaking like the leaves of a Royal Palm in a heavy windstorm….ALI moves the ball towards the catcher’s mitt.  When the catcher moved to take the ball….ALI pulls back just far enough to make the catcher miss….and with arms shaking and a big ole smile on his face….he hands the ball to the catcher….for Muhammad Ali proved once again that he was still the same boy in a man’s suit that he has always been….just a kid who likes to play.  So I ask you one simple question….”what dog on this planet doesn’t love a little boy who loves to play?”                                                                                                                                      

Boxing – 1963 – Heavyweight Boxing Match – Henry Cooper Vs Cassius Clay

                                                                                                                                                                                 My hope is that each of you will “love to play” with our wonderful collection of the sport of boxing that I have to share with you in this section here at ImaSportsphile….as the stories should rival any of the best that I have ever written….and the video footage of Ali is priceless to Bone Daddy and me….as we hope you enjoy it just as much…..cuz any way you cut the pie….Muhammad Ali was a rare collection of incredible boxing talent combined with a natural intelligence that provided a “petri-dish mentality” that could grasp the deepest reaches of the mind and soul.                                                                                                 

Boxing – 1963 To 1981 – ABC Sports Special – Muhammad Ali In ABC Classic Wide World of Sports Rare Footage



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