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Olympics – 1984 L A Games – L E’s Stories Special – “Mission From God At The Los Angeles Olympics Is A Logistical Nightmare” – The Incredible Story Of An Olympic Fan Record

After posting nearly 5,000 sports videos…..while writing text about the athletes and the events covered within our video museum….as the research alone has provided me with a great deal of knowledge on a vast array of sports….so, then when you consider the 100+ L E’s Stories that ImaSportsphile currently has posted in the library….gives me the right to cast my opinion on a subject that I consider to be one of the most outstanding accomplishments to ever be achieved in the universe of sports…..for unlike all other “world records”, the one I am writing about today, is one that can only be TIED….NEVER BROKEN. The truth be known….I can’t think of another sports record that can’t be broken….but not this one.                       

Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Amazing Classic Highlights Of The 1984 Olympics

In the summer of 1984, our Bone Daddy the original Sportsphile, along with two brothers of other mothers, went to the Los Angeles Olympic Games…..which resulted in enough excitement being generated at the 1st event they saw…..to propel them onto a “mission from God”….which amounted to a mission to see a live sporting event in every Olympic sport contested at the 1984 Games (26 events)….to include the events like baseball et al, that were scheduled with medal ceremonies.  Anyway you cut the pie….that is an awful lots of events to attend…..especially since Los Tres Amigos only had tickets to six (6) of the events….and it all had to be effectively coordinated in just 12 days….yep, were talking 25 events in the first 12 days of August….and that’s when Sky Pilot (Mission Logistics Specialist and Driver) was heard to say….”You know, even if we can work out the logistics of this mission, you boys still got to find tickers, and so far we’ve seen a sellout.  I guess we’ll get to see just how much real luck The Dynamic Duo can really bring to the table.”   The Dynamic Duo that Sky was talking was Bone Daddy and Prince of Pleasure…..as Prince had been BD’s student at learning the art of getting into the events with the cheap tickets and finding “really” good seats….plus, identifying “ticket scalpers” when major events were sold out….which the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games were.                                                                                              

Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – USOC Special Highlights – The Opening Ceremony

The 1st day of competition that the boys saw in the 1984 LA Games was so exciting….what with waking up with three stunning muses at The Magic Castle….lunch at Tortilla Flats….accompanied by the resounding chorus of rhythmic pistons pumping in unison and harmony….a succession of power and speed….with aerodynamic engineering to the max….which creates a sound unlike any other….as men and machine are working together.  Top that off with the day of qualifying heats and four swimming finals at the Olympic Swim Stadium…..while being cheered on by adoring fans….while speaking tongues from all over the world….and being culminated by 3 gold medals for the USA….with 3 world records being set…..while prompting Prince to say…. ”Does it get any better than that?!!  I have been into competitive swimming for many years (having been a Texas state champion in high school)….and I couldn’t get any more jazzed.”


Olympics – August 28, 1984 – L A Games – Special Highlights Of President & Mrs. Reagan Arriving At The Games

By the time Los Tres Amigos returned to The Castle after their 1st day at the Olypics….which was sometime around 11 pm….my boys were fit to be tied and full of Olympic excitement….and that’s when the subject came up while having a nightcap before bed at The Hat and Hare Bar in the castle of magic….while dealing with the reality that it would be four (4) days until their next scheduled ticketed event….as the reality that they would have to wait 4 days for another Olympic fix was beginning to set in…..when all of a sudden, like a lightning bolt from Heaven….the idea of going to a sporting event in every sport in the Olympics was born.  As Bone Daddy said….”I wonder if anyone in the history of Olympic competitions….has ever been to a live event in all the sports in the same Olympic Games.”  Then Prince chimes in saying….”We have the car….we have the driver….we have the maps…..we have the money….and we have the drugs”….we can do it!!!”  So, “LET’S JUST DO IT” became the boy’s marching orders and battle cry from that day forward.


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – USOC Special – Marathon Week: Featuring The 1st Ever Women’s Marathon In The Olympics – With Winner USA Joan Benoit

As a matter of historical sports facts….this “JUST DO IT” phrase became my boy’s battle cry in 1984….long before Nike seemingly plagiarized the phrase from my boys….when they came up with their now world famous byline….when they dropped “let’s” off the phrase….obviously to avoid any copyright issues I presume.  But I know this to be true, that simple phrase became the boys from Texas marching    orders from the 1st day forward….as they dubbed their idea as “A Mission From God”.  Being that I know that my Bone Daddy is a strong Christian….I want him….and all who read this story….to understand that my choice for the title to this story was not meant in any way being disrespectful to his faith….as my meaning of the story was that this quest of going to a live sporting event in every sport in the 1984 Olympics….was truly a Heavenly blessing to the Sportsphile that Bone Daddy had been God given the talents to become….as this was truly his mission from God….cuz it was the keystone to the archway that led to this ImaSportsphile video museum.                                                                                                                      

Olympics – 1984 – Special Highlights – USA Carl Lewis Winning 100m + 200m + Long Jump + 4 x 100m Relay Gold Medals

Plans immediately went into effect….as preparations were being ramped to full speed ahead….with a daunting task both logistically and financially looking them straight in the eye….and little did they know what it would take to really accomplish the “Heavenly Mission”.  The idea had been spawned and agreed upon….as both BD and Prince were ready to set the plan into motion…..and it was a good thing that Sky was a great navigator….after having a long history of being able to spot his target from miles away…. even while flying 15 feet over the tops of the trees….for this mission would require exceptional planning in logistics in the upcoming days of Olympic competition before the Closing Ceremony.…as what laid ahead was accomplishing seeing a live event in the remaining 24 different Olympic sports in 12 days.


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Special – Welcome To Olympic City 1984

Sky had to factor in the givens first….that being the 6 remaining tickets to 6 different sports events from the original ticket order from the LAOC prior to arriving in Los Angeles….then he had to factor in the remaining sports for which a live event had yet to be seen….what days those events were running (with some already more than halfway through their competition….what time frames….and where the event was being held.  Then he had to factor in the distance to each venue for each scheduled session….as the venues were spread over 150 miles as the crow flies….from Rancho Santa Fe on the Southern end (107 miles from The Castle) to Malibu on the Northern end (40 miles from The Castle).                                                

Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – ABC Highlights Of The Games With Jim McKay

Before Sky could come up with his game plan…..which would enable BD and Prince to accomplish their mission….he then had to also allow for the time factor needed to search out and purchase tickets from scalpers….since the boys didn’t have tickets to 18 of the sports events left on their list….and that was based on the belief that there would be scalpers with tickets at each event….as Bone Daddy had never been to a sporting event in his whole life….at least that he could remember….where there were not any tickets to be had from a scalper somewhere close to the stadium.  Simply put, that is what this mission was now banking on….yep, that’s what we call luck……for there’s no doubt about it….in addition to needing a big ole bag full of luck….this mission from God created a logistical nightmare….but the fact remains that Los Tres Amigos rose to the occasion and completed this incredible Mission From God…. after seeing their 26th Olympic event….the Equestrian Individual Jumping at Santa Anita Park on the morning of August 12, 1984…..as Los Tres Amigos celebrated their history accomplishment by attending the Closing Ceremonies….and then meeting the Three Olympic Muses at the Magic Castle for one last magical memory in Los Angeles in the summer of 1984.


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Highlights of the Closing Ceremonies

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