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Special – Editorial – L E’s Stories Special – “My Life With A Sportsphile ” – Filled With Favorite Videos From 2300 Hrs. Of Content

Legendary jazz band leader Duke Ellington was quoted as saying….“I make noise…and why make noise….. if no one listens”…..which is a message that provides a good segway to my post today….cuz I write stories….and what good is it if nobody reads them…..cuz here at ImaSportsphile we hope that you enjoy reading my stories and watching the videos that I choose.                                                                                      

            Music – 1943 – Duke Ellington & Orchestra – It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

                                                                                                                                                                                      I understand that the reason you ever clicked onto our page in the first place….was because you were either curious about who in the world is ImaSportsphile…..or cuz you wanted to know what a Sportsphile was….and maybe it was  because you heard from someone else about this wonderful sports museum and video library….or possibly from a friend who just likes my collage of stories appearing within the different sections of the museum…..but  regardless of why you arrived here….I want to welcome you again to 65+ years of collecting sports memorabilia….in addition to all the stories surrounding all the live sporting events that Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile attended….not to mention the numerous hours spent in search of specific pieces of sports memorabilia that it took to acquire our memorabilia collection posted herewith.  When you add into that equation all of the time….energy….money….along with effort it took to accomplish what is being done here….and the simple results of the uncensored passion and enthusiasm of a single Sportsphile.  In fact….if you read enough of my stories….you just might realize that you’re a Sportsphile too….cuz me thinks there’s a great deal more Sportsphiles out there than just Bone Daddy and me.  In order to celebrate this post that tells the story of “My Life With A Sportsphile”…..I have decided to post some of my favorite videos currently posted here at ImaSportsphile out of the 5400+ videos already in our museum.                                                                                                                                 

                                                Boxing – 1964 – Special – Cassius Clay Has A Prediction                                                                                           Of Which Round He Will KO Champ Sonny Liston

My given name is L E….but I am known by many as La Diabla….and since I won’t to tell you why…you’ll have to figure that one out on your own….but you must continue to read on if you want to do that….cuz I am what I am….and my writings prove that out.  It is my quest herewith to tell you about my lifelong companionship with a Sportsphile….as I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again….I am the creator of the word Sportsphile.  I am the 1st in print to ever use the word….and we all know that HUMANKIND believes the written word more than they believe the spoken word.                                                                                 

          MLB – June 1,1975 – Highlights Of Nolan Ryan Tying Sandy Koufax MLB Record Of 4 No Hitters

My Bone Daddy is a self proclaimed sports historian….a serious sports collector….and a raconteur of the highest order….which is by far my favorite quality of his.  In the 115+ years I’ve spent with him….I have become a Sportsphile and raconteur in my own right.  If you prove to be a Sportsphile too….there is a chance that you just might like reading my myriad of stories that I have to tell.  Since BD has been attending sporting events for the better part of the past six decades….I am able share the colorful details of the trips….the events….the incredible displays of pure uncensored athleticism….which often prove to be the byproducts of the achievements of HUMAN obsession and God given abilities and talents.  Having watched literally thousands of live sports on television….as a fan sitting next to BD in and of itself gave me the opportunity to see what HUMANS can do when they apply their talents and focus to an athletic or sporting endeavor.  But the best of it all was founded in my unique ability acquired by God Dog….and giving me to Bone Daddy.  Simply put…it was his stories of all those wonderments that became the stories behind the stories….cuz they brought into play all the characters who were involved in developing those tall tales to be told.  I’m not sure that the word “character” really is a deep enough of a description for many of the HUMANS that are in these stories.                                                                                                 

     Comedy – 1982 – Robin Williams Live In Concert At The Great American Music Hall In San Francisco

Bone Daddy is bigger than life in many ways….not to mention that he is a bigger than most HUMANS.  From this lil ole Chiweenie’s point of view….it truthfully amounts to the view of a large underbelly with a voice that lives above all that soft underbelly.  I’d say everything about him is vast.  When I say vast…I’m not kidding! Why, his video library alone….would more than quadruple Bone Daddy’s body mass….and that’s a lot of mass.  Now keep in mind that is of course only from my perspective as a lil ole Chiweenie looking straight up.  That’s right….underbelly….cuz that is all I can really see….a vast amount of underbelly.  However, since he has to bend over to give me pets….that’s when I get to see his face… it is a rather nice change from my normal view….with a whole lot more “character”.  I will say this thoug….for as big a BD is….he is way bigger in so many other HUMAN ways….but that in and of itself is a whole nuther story.                                                                                                                                                     

  Music & MLB – 1986 – Special – Music Of Tame Me Out To The Ballgame” Set To Photos Of Baseball Fans

I have said all of the above to say this….I have spent my entire 112 years on this Earth with a Sportsphile. Therefore….virtually every recollection that I have in my memory pool is a result of something to do about sports.  I’m talking live sports….televised sports….video taped sports….conversations about sports…..sports news….sports talk…..sports debate….even sport sex.  And cuz I have always been a loyal companion to BD….at his side or close to his bed….literally becoming a Sportsphile by osmosis……why do you think he gave me all of his content and ask me to be his SHOWDOG?  Simply cuz he knew I’d come up with something like Ima Sportsphile to show off his life’s work….which in turn gives me the ability to WELCOME YOU to a wonderful private sports museum and video library that dates back now “60 years and beyond” (I just loved Buzz Lightyear’s attitude).  Be sure to click on everything that requires a click….like all videos and museum pieces….all the blue underlined text….and even on all pictures of the collectibles….cuz it will give you an enlarged view of the souvenir….especially on the baseball cards and periodicals.  As a reminder….every picture or video shared on these pages is straight out of Bone Daddy’s collection and my inheritance. If is use something from another source….I will try my best to always give credit where credit is due by thanking the material’s originator.                                            

                 Music – 1980 – Ray Charles Sings America The Beautiful” At World Lightweight Title Between                                            Roberto  Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard Fight II With Howard Cosell

The past 112 years have been a wonderful ride for me….cuz I got to spend it with Bone Daddy….doing what he does best….and as a result of it….I became a certified Sportsphile….but most of all…it has given me a memory chest chocked full of wonderful collectibles and stories of a time that passed so quickly.  This was a time of our history that continues to get buried deeper in the history of HUMANKIND as technology takes HUMANS faster and faster into the information age.  I wonder if the HUMANS being born today will even know much about the ‘Baby Boomer generation”….other than they are a “Granny and Pops” of course.                                                                                                                                                             

        NBA – 1985 – ESPN Sports Look With Roy Firestone + Stu Black – Tribute To Celtics Red Auerbach

The museum includes 15,000 pieces of memorabilia covering nearly 64 years collecting from 1950 to 2014.  The video library provides a cross section of HUMAN history from 1975 – 1995 including 2300 hours of timeless sports….comedy ….and music…along with the commercials and more….all of which will be featured within my stories….giving a pretty good snapshot of the Baby Boomer generation.  Maybe my museum and video library will become a reference destination for anyone who wants to do any research on the “Baby Boomer generation”  in the future.


        Golf – 1986 – The Masters – CBS Sports Special – Brent Musburger Takes Walk Down Memory Lane            

The best part of all 112 years was the simple joy that I experienced when I was being told the stories that I share with all ya’ll….cuz they were told to me by a  raconteur and story teller of the purist kind….cuz nobody can tell a story quite like Bone Daddy.  You know what I liked most about BD’s story telling….it was the way his face would light up just before the first word ever came out.  I love the way he laughs at his own jokes….cuz he would always laugh like it was the first time he ever heard the punch line….cuz in BD’s words….“funny is funny….and it will be funny today… tomorrow….and forever….cuz funny is as funny does….it makes people laugh.”   So, I promise to make you laugh every time you click on any of my NEED A LAUGH? videos throughout the pages that I provide.                                                                              

                         Comedy – 1978 – Red Skelton Live – Two Highway Patrolmen + Two Texans + Frogs                

I hope Ima Sportsphile will continue to spark fond memories with many sports fans all over the world.  What I hope happens as a result of all my efforts….along with my willingness to expose myself all over the world….is that if my pictures…. videos….and stories….stimulate you to share your memories….videos….and pictures of your collectibles with me….cuz ”you just might be a Sportsphile too”.  I am telling you now….there will be a day that comes in the not too distant future whereby if you can pass my “Are you a Sportsphile tests”….I will provide you with your very own “Ima Sportsphile Certification”….an Ima Sportsphile t-shirt…and from that point forward….you can post your collection and stories along with mine….cuz only those Certified Sportsphiles will get to post in La Diabla’s virtual sports museum and video library.  So, have a great time walking down memory lane….and as you read on….remember that where I come from…..”The first liar hasn’t got a chance around here.”                                  

     NFL Films – 1969 To 1979 – Best Ever Quarterbacks – Cowboys Roger Staubach – With John Facenda

                                                                                                                                                                              During the process of sharing this collection of sports memorabilia and stories….you will notice that I use many fictitious names of players in the story….you know… to protect the guilty….and every now and then….the innocent too.  This desire for anonymity for all parties is of course at Bone Daddy’s request….cuz apparently in the HUMAN world….there is some kind of connection between being an outlaw and facilitating the mating process…..sounds strange I know….but that’s a whole another story…..for I don’t understand it a bit myself…..but I’ll delve into that one sometime down the road.  For now….I am just fine with making BD happy….so I have changed nearly all of the names of those who appear in my stories.  The truth is that as I have gotten into the development of each of these stories….I have come to the realization that anonymity is a really good thing for me the writer….cuz I can be down right blunt and to the point….considered as being offensive by some…..but always the devilish bitch….and I don’t pull any punches (that ones for you Sportsphiles)…..for I can tell the truth as I see it….WOW….RIGHT ON, BABY!!!!                                                                                                                              

Music & Tennis – 1974 – Frank Sinatra – My Way – With Career Highlights Of Tennis Legend Jimmy Connors

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