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L E’s Stories – The Internet’s 1st Hall Of Fame Inductee – 287 Wins / 3701 Strikeouts / 3.31 Lifetime ERA / 60 Shutouts / 242 Complete Games

                                                                     QUOTE OF THE DAY:        

                                       “Statistics don’t change…..only people’s opinions.”                                                                                                                                                                                Bone Daddy


Since the beginning of the “live baseball era”….the period in MLB since 1920….there have been only four (4) pitchers that have more career shutouts than this pitcher’s sixty (60)….Warren Spahn w/ 63 and Nolan Ryan & Tom Seaver w/ 61….all 1st time ballot Hall of Famers.  His 60 shutouts ranked him 9th of all time in MLB history.        During the same time frame in MLB there have been only four (4) pitchers with more strikeouts than his 3701….Steve Carlton with 4136….Roger Clemens with 4672….Randy Johnson with 4896….and Nolan Ryan with 5714….and all were 1st ballot Hall of Famers except Clemens….and that‘s another story unto itself….since he pitched during the “Steroids Era”.  The closest active pitcher to this pitcher’s strikeout total when I wrote this story was Jamie Moyer….who was 45 years old….having pitched in “The Bigs” some 26 years….and he stood at 2342 strikeouts which is 1400 strikeouts behind this ex-players stats.  Since a really successful present day pitcher has a good year when they exceed 150 K’s per year….Moyer would have to pitch until he is 54 years old just to catch up to this man.                 

                MLB – 1989 – Special – California Angels P Bert Blyleven Records Strikeout Number 3500

                                                                             DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Now I know that I am a dog….and that you HUMANS think that you are a lot smarter than any dog….for in no way could a dog be as smart as a HUMAN.  So how smart is it that you HUMANS allow folks who have never played a sport to decide by their vote only….on which player goes into the MLB Hall of Fame each year….cuz that really is not very smart.  Proof of my position is the fact that it took 14 tries for the player I’m writing about today….before he was ever voted into the HOF….and I’ll tell you this much….if the players who played in “The Bigs” for more than a decade were the ones who voted on the Hall….this player without question would have been a first time ballot inductee….instead of having to suffer through 14 years of eligibility and not getting voted in.                                                                                                            

             MLB – 2011 – Special – Pitcher Bert Blyleven’s Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Interview

                                                                                                                                                                                  Also, I think that this story will give some substantial value to my belief that sometimes dogs can see things for what they really are much better that your basic HUMAN can do….and if you don’t agree with me on that subject….just come over and see me….for we can discuss the subject but when the time is right….I’ll probably just have to bite you right above your ankles….in the zip code of your Achilles heal.  This player’s lifetime strikeouts ranks 5th in the all time history of MLB….so….regardless of what his        other stats are….from this Sportsphile’s perspective….that statistic alone should have put him in the Hall the first year he was eligible.  Let’s face it….if a Chiweenie like me can grasp that….why did it take you HUMANS 14 years to get it right?  It’s not rocket science here folks….when you consider there have been literally tens of thousands of MLB pitchers throughout the history of the game….by being in the top five all time in any major category of any major sport should immediately qualify that player for any type of Hall of Fame….MLB or what….but then again….we are talking HUMAN complicated here….imagine that!!!         

                                   MLB & Music – 2010 – Photo Highlights Of P Bert blyleven’s Career                                                                                           Put To Bloodsword Song 5 Votes To Glory”

                                                                                                                                                                                      Why did it take Bert Blyleven an extra 14 years to be finally voted into the Hall….well it certainly wasn’t his numbers….because those numbers are what got him eventually voted in….as they should have done the first year he was eligible.  So what changed to get him in?  If the statistics stayed the same over the past 14 years….well, it was simply HUMAN opinions within the voter ranks that kept him out.                         

    MLB – 2011 – Minnesota US Congressman Al Franken Speaks On The Floor Of Congressional House                               On Why It Took So Long For Pitcher Bert Blyleven To Reach The Hall Of Fame

                                                                                                                                                                        Opinions of folks who for the most part never played MLB….but rather had covered the game from a viewer’s perspective instead….should never be allowed to determine someone fate regarding the Hall of Fame.

1990 MLB California       Angels Pitcher            Bert Blyleven

So explain to me how a viewer of something ever could know what it takes to succeed or how it feels to sacrifice to reach a pinnacle like the 5th best strikeout pitcher of all time.  You see….”the stats didn’t change….only the opinions of the voters changed”….and for what it is worth….from a dog’s point of view….”HUMAN opinions are often overrated”….cuz more times than not….those opinions are regurgitated from those places wherein HUMAN emotions and egos reside….not their SIMPLE good sense like we dogs have. 

1987 MLB Minnesota Twins P Bert Blyleven

Man….I could write a book on HUMAN emotions….so let me just simply say….the universe known as HUMAN emotions is a place where most of all the HUMAN psyche and makeup reside….and that is the part that the majority of HUMANS have the least control of….and regretfully….it from this point of the HUMAN perspective that most of their opinions and decisions are made also.

         1976 MLB                 Texas Rangers             P Bert Blyleven

I will draw an analogy to prove my point regarding allowing HUMANS who simply view the sporting events to vote on who deserves to receive the honor of being one of your sports greatest players by being inducted into their sport’s Hall of Fame…..and here it is…..within a simple and true question….”How can a man who watches his wife give birth to their baby ever know what it really feels like to give birth?”  Now, I’m pretty sure that I am correct on this one….but often times in my career, it has proven to be a fact that just when I thought I knew for positive where “it was” …. only to find out that someone had moved it….but in regards to having babies… is true that a father can watch the event and process of “passing that watermelon” from one’s stomach into this world….but that doesn’t insure anything about understanding the “pain, power and patience” required to deliver a miracle

                     MLB – April 6, 1951 – Hall Of Fame Pitcher Bert Blyleven Is Born in Zeist, Holland

                                                                                                                                                                                 Oh yes….they can watch and observe what it is like….they can hear what it is like….they can even assess what it must feel like….but they can never actually feel what it takes to succeed in this mission.  Well the same goes with sports….and in this lil ole Chiweenie’s opinion….those that don’t participate should not get to dictate….it is that simple. 

   1979 MLB Pittsburgh   PIrates P Bert Blyleven


Although Bone Daddy is not very internet savvy….he does understand the web’s tremendous potential of reaching and connecting to HUMANS all over the world.

1982 MLB Clevenland Indians                 P Bert Blyleven

  The fact is in Bert Blyleven’s case….a retired player whose stats were what eventually was the reason he got into the Hall….the same stats as when he became eligible in 1998 and received 17.5% of the votes needed….who became a player who did not receive even half of the votes necessary for induction in 2006 on his 9th year of eligibility.  But then….with the growing use of the internet by 2007….sports bloggers everywhere…. especially Rich Lederer of…. mounted a convincing internet campaign on Blyleven’s behalf….and low and behold….a player who should have been voted into the Hall of Fame in 1998 during his 1st year of eligibility…. instead was finally inducted in the Class of 2012 during his 14th year of eligibility….cuz his stats never changed……only those opinions of the voters…..when their egos and emotions finally gave way to statistics undeniably good enough to gain access.  So….thanks to the internet….although Blyleven’s stats have never changed since he retired…. the opinions of the Hall of Fame voters did….especially the ones who never played the game….and the internet had its first and long overdue inductee….as the first ever Dutch born player was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.                                                                         

             MLB – 2011 – Highlights Of Pitcher Bert Blyleven Being Inducted Into The MLB Hall Of Fame                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This story just proves another one of my dog theories regarding HUMANS….that HUMANS tend to overlook the obvious….especially when it comes to having an opinion.  In the case of Bert Blyleven…. although the obvious is that this man’s statistics justified his induction from the first year he was eligible….sometimes it just takes a new vehicle for information to reach even the emotional and ego driven opinionated voters….before it has its proper impact….and when it finally does you just have to shout out….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ”Congratulations to Bert Blyleven….the Internet’s 1st Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame Inductee.”                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                   Music & MLB – 1987 – Frank Sinatra Sings “Start All Over Again”                                                                Set To Highlights Of ALCS Twins Vs Red Sox & NLCS Cardinals Vs Giants

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