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Special – L E’s Stories – “THE NFL: The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg Of Sports Turns Political And The Worst Ticks Become Poli-Tics” – The Story of How Money and Politics Has Ruined Sports

When it comes to sports, the NFL is the goose who lays the golden eggs……but remember Shakespeare’s famous quote…“Gold is the whore of mankind”…..cuz when BIG MONEY comes into a sport….that is when the “table of success”  starts to turn….and when that turn becomes mature…..that is when politics makes inroads into the culture…..which is what is happening to the NFL today in August 2020….and we here at ImaSportsphile are firm in our conviction that there is no place in sports for politics….for the “worst blood sucking ticks” on the face of the Earth are “Poli-Ticks”…..and when you combine MONEY and POLITICS, you get the worst of both worlds….which diminishes the attraction to the game….and results in killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Now, It hasn’t happened yet….but in our humble opinion….it may not be as far away away as you think….cuz here’s one Sportsphile that refuses to watch the NBA in 2020…..I mean…..sports has known that black lives matter for a long time…..do you not think that the Boston Celtics during Bill Russell’s 11 NBA titles didn’t know that black lives matter…..and in sports, all that is really known is how you play the game……not the color of someone’s skin. Sports doesn’t know the word racism….only the politics of sports do….and anyway, who the heck wants to “be preached to” by the overpaid egos of professional athletes today….you know, these folks who wouldn’t be telling the world why black lives matter if it wasn’t for sports.  I have already gotten “way more” political than I want to be….so, as a statement, I’d like to say….we here at ImaSportsphile love the simple purity of sports…..as something that is fun to play…..which is governed by written rules of the game….that allows all people, regardless of color, culture, size, weight, education to use their God given talents to play games that they enjoy…..and NOT to make MONEY or play POLI-TICKS…..now on to the story today.                                                 

NFL – 2020 – Special – Will The NFL Allow All Political Statements on Helmets Or Just Liberal Statements?

                                                                                                                                                                                The NFL section of our museum embodies some of the more outrageous stories in Bone Daddy’s repertoire of stories….cuz the trips to Super Bowls were memorable experiences in their own unique right….providing some wonderful pieces of memorbilia of World Series, NBA Finals, Final Fours, World Boxing Championships, Olympics, all sports University of Texas Longhorn et al….which is all part of the memorabilia in the collection in     museum collection.  However, like in the Boxing section….the NFL video library literally covers the history of the NFL…from it’s inception thru the millennium….with highlights of great teams …. great games …. great players …. great franchises ….and great moments in the game.  Like with every section where I use copyright video footage….first I want to give thanks to the myriad of networks who have provided all the sports over the years….for without these providers….this collection could have never been.  Therefore, my thanks always goes out to the ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, TNT, HBO, TBS and all the many various providers of sports on TV over the years. In regards to our NFL section of the museum….producers like Ed and Steve Sabols of NFL Films….cuz ya’ll have made this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile happy…..for the truth be known…..it has been your service to the public through televised sports that has been my inspiration in so many of my stories.                                                                                  

NFL – 2019 – TMZ Special Interview – Marco Rubio to NFL Players: Keep Politics Out Of Football


I will be kicking off the NFL section with a story of the events surrounding a trip taken by Bone Daddy and The Prince of Pleasure….regarding their almost unbelievable fantasy trip to Super Bowl XV at the New Orleans Superdome on Sunday, January 25, 1981.  The whole experience was something out of fairy tale….which may present a challenge for my readers to believe that these stories are true….so when being overcome with disbelief….”just remember that around these parts….the first liar ain’t got a chance.”   Coming from my point of view….I’ve heard these stories more than a few times….and with each rendition….nothing in the story ever changes….so I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all true.  Also, as I become more adept at working with the software which provides me the ability to extract the exact NFL footage segments from BD’s video library….this entire section will morph into a visual delight for any fan of the NFL.  So, a word to the wise while perusing the NFL section….just read each story in the succession as they appear….for each one kinda leads to the next….and you will find that Bone Daddy’s collection of NFL memorabilia and NFL video footage is a huge source of great joy to all who visit.                            

NFL – 2020 – the Rubin Report Special – Ex-NFL: The Truth About Racism In The NFL Burgess Owens

The purpose of this is to address the subject of copyright infringement in regards to any segments of video from Bone Daddy’s personal video library that is ever used in my web page….as I am addressing this subject right up front.  Every video piece used is simply to enhance the experience of each story….without even a hint of profit by doing so.  This web page is my gift to any interested visitor….and it is my intent to never cross the line of infringement.  You will notice that I always try to give a great  credit to the originators of the copyright product that I am using….and since the major media networks were the major sources for the original product that Bone Daddy recorded….if it weren’t for these BIG BOYS who hold the copyright for each recorded minute in BD’s 2300 hour collection….there would not even be a question of copyright infringement.  Keep in mind that within each story that I use copyright material….the subject of copyright infringement had obviously already been addressed long before the sale of the first video recorder to the public.  As a result of this….any HUMAN that could afford the video recorder….like Bone Daddy….could record as much copyright programming as they wanted….visa vie BD’s expansive library.  Bone Daddy had already tested the right to playback any video tape from his personal library in a public establishment….as he would video tape all the top sports, comedy and live music events….and then play the whole program back at his sports bar throughout his hours of operation….continuing to play them again and again as time past….plus he did this in a very large public place for the better part of a couple of decades.  I said all of that to say this….simply put….this is my disclaimer in regards to copyright infringement regarding the videos that I use to enhance my stories….so….just enjoy it for what it is….a simple gift to the world from a lil ole Chiweenie.                                      

News – Australia Public Broadcasting Special – Should Politics And Sports Ever Mix?


My commentary today is regarding the start of a subject that I will expound on many times throughout my writings….which at its core addresses my contention of how “the HUMAN greed of money will kill the geese that lay the golden eggs”.  As Bone Daddy has often said….”The biggest problem with all levels of sport comes from a singular source….the money involved in that sport.”  Now we’re talking solely about HUMANS here….and the way they deal with and respond to money being involved….cuz there ain’t no money in the dog world or any other world other than the HUMAN world.  The effects of what money does to the core values of HUMANS….is something that is not seen in any other culture of any other life form on Mother Earth.  Somewhere along the line of HUMAN development….money came into the picture….for before that moment in time of the inception of money….HUMANS actually could live with all the other species just like we do….without a need for money….and the greed that it creates in so many HUMANS.  This is where Bone Daddy’s opinion really makes sense to me….as he believes that with almost any level of sport in our world today….especially with all professional sports and now to include college and high school sports….all you need to do is to just “Follow the Money”….and it will not only take you to where reality sits and important decisions are made….it will also show you the core values of those HUMANS who are presently the caretakers of the money.  To BD’s way of thinking….money makes whores out of a whole bunch of HUMANS….after all….William Shakespeare said the same thing in a different way when he said that “Gold is the whore of mankind.”

Special – 2019 – This Is What Happens When Politicians Try To Do Sports


DOG ASIDE:             

Dogs have a difficult time understanding why in the HUMAN world a woman who sells the use of her body to another HUMAN is labeled as “a prostitute”  for performing services to men….while making a few hundred dollars…..and being treated like they are lesser people by many others of their HUMAN kind….whereas, an athlete who sells his body to a professional sport is exalted as a “hero type”…. while being  paid millions of dollars to perform their physical talents.  In mine and most dogs humble opinion, there is no difference in the two….as both sell their bodies to “the man”.  In a dog world that is ruled by simple philosophies….we would never complicate such a simple thing….for selling one’s body is selling one’s body….no matter what the endeavor….which proves once again that only HUMANS can complicate something so simple.  Can you HUMANS even begin to understand how complicated you have made all of this….cuz when a dog looks at the way all ya’ll can “slice a HUMAN hair”….so to speak…and actually come up with justification why you are so righteous in your positions of what is “a prostitute” and what isn’t.  What the heck is the difference in selling your mind or selling your body….cuz….dang near all HUMANS do that very thing every day of their lives.  You sell your boss on what you can bring to the table….and once you have done that….you do what he asks once you are hired.  Yep, even when it comes to love….you HUMANS even sell yourself to the one you want to love….and when you do….you want to do whatever makes the one you love happy…..so, you do what they want you to do.  Do I have to give you more examples?  I guess, as a dog, I will forever hope that HUMANITY learns to keep it simple.

Now, at the end of the day, I have a question….what is the difference between two consenting HUMANS choosing to “make love” with your lady or paying a date for the evening!?!….MONEY….so, like BD says ”follow the money”….for that is where you will find who is the real ”KING of the MONEY”….and from that vantage point….all the rest of the HUMANS will finally get to see that virtually every decision that the KING makes is because of MONEY….while the rest of the folks are all just out there trying to make a living….so you can have enough MONEY to take care of yourself and your family.  You tell me….what’s the difference?….I say nuthin’ at all….cuz the source is the same….it’s MONEY….and the reality is that the majority of all HUMANS on this Earth are doing the same thing….selling themselves for the MONEY….  even though very few HUMANS will admit that they are really prostituting themselves in many ways…..unless what an individual chooses to do is because they love doing it.                                                          

Special – 2018 – Sports Writer Alan Tomlinson On The Argument That Sport And Politics Shouldn’t Mix As The Perfect Recipe For Corruption


In this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s perspective…this story provides just another perfect example of how HUMANS have the ability to complicate something that is good and simple….into something that’s complicated and potentially dysfunctional.  I am going to use the NFL as an example here to support my opinion….for the NFL is truly the cash cow of all sports in the world today….it is the goose that lays the most golden eggs.  No other sport draws as many advertisers to the networks that provide sports programming than the NFL.  Shoot….the stadiums alone where NFL games are played cost closer to a billion dollars vs. a million dollars today….as the edifices get bigger and more extravagant with each new stadium that is built. All that means is that the cost of going to a live NFL game just keeps going up and up.  When you add that all to the rising costs of sodas, hotdogs, t-shirts and the souvenirs at the counters….that means that a fan is going to spend $100 per head nowadays just to take the family to an NFL game.  Heck, Bone Daddy could never have amassed his collection of sports souvenirs at today’s prices.                                                                                                                                                                              

Special – 2020 – Clay Travis Of Outkick the Show – On Politics And Sports: “Keep Your Hands Off My Football”


What drives all the growth in popularity of the NFL is the media attention that is given to the sport….which is directly based on the number of advertisers that are willing to pay top dollar to advertise their product on an NFL program.  Folks, I’m here to tell you that the whole 9 hours of Super Bowl coverage on TV on a single day alone will demand upwards of $1.5 million for a 30 second commercial….which continues throughout the whole day of broadcasting from pregame to postgame.  This advertizing bonanza drives marketing revenues for the networks into the billions of dollars….if not 10’s of billions….and just for one day’s cache of commercials that are being aired…..while at the same time driving this sports day’s revenue.  The media moguls have to fill those nine hours of programming….which they do by providing every angle of minutia regarding the game and its participants they can conjure up….and that is when what I call “yellow journalism” kicks in….which tends to illuminate more of the lesser valued aspects of the NFL…instead of the greater valued aspects of the NF….which only means that more light is shown on the darker side of the game, like a player who faces murder charges….or the player who took a hand gun to a nightclub and shot himself in the leg….for as those player get their story told and amplified on national television….which provides evidence to the fact that just about every rock that can be turned over which might have a story hidden underneath….is in fact turned over….and then spread out all over the media for the whole world to see.                                                   

NFL – 2019 – CBC Pop Panel Special – How The Super Bowl Halftime Show Became A Political Football

So, in a very unique way….what has been the catalyst for growing the popularity of the NFL and the sport of football….has now potentially reached the valid point of being at “the law of diminishing returns”…. as what has helped it to grow….may indeed be the same thing that will eventually cause it to fail.  Although you HUMANS have made it as complicated as you could possibly could….it is a very simple thing that will cause its decline….and it will be ”solely driven by the desire for more MONEY….and then comes more blood sucking poli-ticks ”.  Unlike HUMANS….that is something that would never happen in the dog world….cuz we simply don’t need or want any MONEY.                                                                                             

Special – 2019 – Dave Zirin On The Collision Of Sports And Politics


The story line to what may very well be the cause of what kills the goose that lays the golden eggs in sports, will continue through my writings with my belief that the NFL will be the first to be brought down by the need and greed for MONEY…..and yet in August of 2020, it might be the NBA that crumbles because they are not only addicted to MONEY and poli-TICKS…..but in today’s world, the NBA is also “in bed with the Chineese”…..for MORE MONEY and MORE TICKS….so, we’ll see what happens as a result of these two negative forces within the purity of sports.                                                                                                 

Special – 2019 – Off Camera – With Dan Patrick On Race, Religion, Politics And The Filter Of Sports


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