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L E’s Stories – “The Slap Heard All Throughout The Hollywood Hills” – The Life & Times of Comedic Genius Chris Rock – Part 1


The three pillars of research study in our ImaSportsPhile video library featuring some 13,000 different videos about historical subjects and legends in the fields of sports, comedy and music…..as these three pillars will also be the foundation of the education that will be taught at our ImaSportsPhile Academy(s)…..which will be found functioning on the ground in countries all over the world by year 2050…..as this video reference library will ultimately feature in excess of 30,000 videos showcasing the talents and achievements of legendary moments and events displayed on the fields of play and competition for all sports…..along with the creative comedic genius and musical mastery presented on stages everywhere throughout history since   



Comedy – MSNBC Documentary – “Headliners & Legends With Matt Lauer Featuring The Life And Legend of Chris Rock – 2001 – A Restless Rick Production Special – Chris Rock Biography Covers From Childhood to 2001


Christopher Julius Rock (born February 7, 1965) is an American comedian, actor and filmmaker…..who 1st gained prominence for his stand-up comedy routines in the 1980’s…..when he tackled subjects including race relations, human sexuality and observational comedy.  This success branched off into productions in film, television and on-stage…..while having received multiple accolades including 3 Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Album….4 Primetime Emmy Awards…..and a Golden Globe Award nomination.  He was ranked # 5 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time (in our opinion, Comedy Central hasn’t been around long enough to be making any list of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time]…..plus, he also ranked # 5 on Rolling Stones list of the 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time…..but then again, Rolling Stone has been focused for the 57 years of its publication on music, politics, and popular culture.



Comedy – Variety Top Special Biography of the Life of Comedian Legend Chris Rock – 2022 – A VarietyTop Production Special – “From Standup Comic to Hollywood Star: The Life of Chris Rock As One of the Most Successful Comedians in Hollywood in 2024”


After years working as a stand-up comedian…..and appearing in minor film roles including Beverly Hills Cop II in 1987…..for that is when Rock gained prominence as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1993. While at SNL, he appeared in the films New Jack City in 1991…..Boomerang in 1992…..and CB4 in 1993…..which he also wrote and produced…..then  He reached mainstream stardom with Bring the Pain in 1996…..and all the while Rock continued making TV comedy specials like Bigger & Blacker in 1999…..Never Scared in 2004…..Kill the Messenger in 2008…..Tamborine in 2018…..and Selective Outrage in 2023.  He developed, wrote, produced and narrated the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris from 2005-2009…..which was based on his early life.  From 1997 to 2000 HBO aired his talk show The Chris Rock Show.



 Movie – Movie Clip from the Movie New Jack City – 1991 – A movies 90s Production Special – Featuring “Scotty (Ice-T) Chasing Pookie (Chris Rock”                                                                                                                                       


Movie & Comedy – Movie Clip from the Movie “Boomerang” – Starring Eddie Murphy & Chris Rock – 1993 – A Josh Busfield aka Bitterphase Production Special – “Bony T (Chris Rock) Hits Marcus (Eddie Murphy) Up For A Raise After Working For Two Weeks”                                                                                                                                                 


Music & Movie – Chris Rock Music Video “Straight Outta Locash” from the Movie “CB4” – 1993 – A Howard Stevens Production Special – “The Whole Version of the Song ‘Straight Outta Locash’ from the Film CB4…..Chris Rock at His Best!”                                                                                                                                                                                


Comedy – Saturday Night Live Skit “Black Co-Workers” – 1993 -A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Jeff Runs Into Trouble When He Continually Mixes Up His Black Co-Workers”                                                                        


Comedy – HBO Special – The Best of The Chris Rock Show – 1997 To 2000 – A iPartyHardcore Production Special – “The Best Of The Chris Rock Show Volume 1”                                                                                                               


Comedy – HBO Special – The Best of The Chris Rock Show – 1997 To 2000 – A iPartyHardcore Production Special – “The Best Of The Chris Rock Show Volume 2”                                                                                                                                             


Comedy – HBO Special – The Chris Rock Show (Season 2 Episode 1) – 1999 – A Mike Domey Production Special – “Chirs Rock With Special Guest Arsenio Hall – Plus Musical Guest Puff Daddy and Mase – Along With Musical Director Grandmaster Flash”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Rock was cast in starring film roles in Lethal Weapon 4 in 1998…..Dogma in 1999…..The Longest Yard in 2005…..the Madagascar franchise from 2005–2012…..I Think I Love My Wife in 2007…..Grown Ups in 2010…..Death at a Funeral in 2010…..Top Five in 2014…..The Week Of in 2018…..Spiral in 2021 …..Amsterdam in 2022…..and Rustin in 2023.  He has taken roles on television including EmpireKevin Can Wait and Fargo.  He made his Broadway theater debut in the 2011 Stephen Adly Guirgis play The Motherfucker with the Hat. He has hosted the Academy Awards twice…..in 2005 and 2016…..and was slapped on stage by Will Smith at the 2022 Awards.



 Movie – Movie Clip from the Movie “Lethal Weapon 4 – Starring Mel Gibson + Danny Glover + Joe Pesci + Chris Rock – 1998 – A Coco The Husky Production Special – “Funniest Scene Ever”                                                                                                    


Movie – Movie Clip from the Movie “Dogma” – Starring Linda Fiorentino + Kevin Smith + Jason Mewes + Chris Rock – 1999 – A Eli D Production Special – “Rufus (Chris Rock) Falls Naked From The Sky Onto The Highway”                                                                                                                                                                                            


Movie – Movie Clip from the Movie “The Longest Yard” – Starring Adam Sandler + Michael Irvin + Burt Reynolds + Chris Rock – 2005 – A JCH 007 Production Special“Joining The Team”                                                                 


Animation Movie – Clip from the Animated Movies“Madagascar” – Featuring Zebra (Chris Rock) and the Penguins – 2005 – A JoBlo Animated Videos Production Special – “Zebra Helps The Penguins Get Where They Want To Go in NYC”                                                                                                                                                                 


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “I Think I Love My Wife” – Starring Chris Rock + Kerry Washington + Steve Bucemi + Gina Torres – 2007 – A SearchlightPictures Production Special – “You’ll Never Lose Women Chasing Money”                                                                                                                                             


Movie – Clip from the Movie “Grown Ups” – Starring Adam Sandler + Kevin James + David Spade + Rob Schneider + Chris Rock – 2010 – A Scene City Production Special – “Ave Maria Funeral Scene”                                                     


Movie – Clip from the Movie “Death At A Funeral” – Starring Kevin Hart + Danny Glover + Martin Lawrence + Peter Dinklage + Chris Rock – 2010 – A MovieclipsProduction Special – “The Little Lover Scene With Aaron (Rock) and Frank (Dinklage)”                                                                                                                                                                    


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “Top Five” – Starring Chris Rock + Kevin Hart + Gabrielle Union + Rosario Dawson – 2014 – A Rotten Tomatoes Trailers Production Special – “See a Black Actor Shake Things Up and Do Something You Don’t See Everyday”                                                                                                    


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “The Week Of” – Starring Chris Rock + Adam Sandler + Rachel Dratch + Steve Buscemi – 2018 – A Netflix Production Special – “The Story of a Devoted, Middle Class Father (Sandler) Determined to Pay For His Daughter’s Wedding Despite the Prodding of the Wealthier Father of the Groom (Chris Rock)…..as a Series of Calamities Forces the Dads (and Their Families) To Come Together and Endure the Longest Week of Their Lives.”                                                                                                                     


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “Spiral” – Starring Chris Rock + Samuel L. Jackson  + Max Minghella + Zoie Palmer + Marisol Nichols – 2022 – A Lionsgate Movies Production Special – “A Criminal Mastermind Unleashes A Twisted Form Of Justice in Spiral, The Terrifying New Chapter From The Book of Saw”                                                                                                                                                                                        


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “Amsterdam” – Starring Chris Rock + Margo Robbie  + Christian Bale + John David Washington + Andrea Riseborough – 2022 – A Movie Trailers Cinema Production Special – “Set in the ’30s, It Follows Three Friends Who Witness A Murder, Become Suspects Themselves And Uncover One Of The Most Outrageous Plots in American History.”                                                                           


Movie – Official Movie Trailer for the Movie “Rustin” – Starring Chris Rock + Colman Domingo  +
Aml Ameen + Glynn Turman – 2023 – A Netflix Production Special – “Rustin Spotlights Bayard Rustin (Domingo) As the Man Who, Alongside Martin Luther King Jr. (Ameen), Dared To Imagine a Different World and Inspired a Movement That Ended Up As A Peaceful March On Washington”                                             


Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina on February 7, 1965.  Shortly after his birth, his parents moved to the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  A few years later, they relocated and settled in the working class area of Bedford–Stuyvesant.  His mother, Rosalie, was a teacher and social worker for people with developmental disabilities…..while his father, Julius Rock, was a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman…..who died in 1988 after ulcer surgery.  Rock is the eldest of his parents’ 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl)…..and he had an older paternal half-brother, Charles Ledell Rock, who died in 2006 after suffering from alcoholism.  Rock’s younger brothers Tony, Kenny, and Jordan are also in the entertainment business.



Comedy – Family Profile Special – “Chris Rock’s Siblings: Meet the Comedian’s 7 Brothers” – 2022 – A Dating World Production Special – “Chris Rock Is the Brother of Six Younger Brothers and Sister….And He’s Not the Only Rock Who Has the Knack For Entertainment!”


Rock’s family history was profiled on the PBS series African American Lives 2 in 2008. A DNA test showed that he is of Cameroonian descent, specifically from the Udeme (Ouldémé) people of northern Cameroon.  Rock’s great-great-grandfather, Julius Caesar Tingman, was enslaved for 21 years before serving in the American Civil War as part of the United States Colored Troops.  During the 1940’s, Rock’s paternal grandfather moved from South Carolina to New York City to become a taxicab driver and preacher.  Rock was bused to schools in predominantly white neighborhoods of Brooklyn….. where he endured bullying and beatings from white students…..and as he grew older, the bullying worsened and Rock’s parents pulled him out of James Madison High School…..when he dropped out of high school altogether…..but later earned a General Educational Development (GED). Rock then worked various jobs at fast-food restaurants.



US History & Celebrities – A PBS Documentary Special – “African American Lives: A Way Out Of No Way” – 2011 – An Ahmad Sidiiq Production Special – “When You Find Out From Where Your From It Touches You Like It Did To Chris Rock”


Rock began working as a stand-up comic during 1984 in New York City’s Catch a Rising Star.  Upon seeing his act at a nightclub, Eddie Murphy befriended and mentored the aspiring comic…..while giving Rock his 1st film role and big break in Beverly Hills Cop II in 1987…..while Chris Rock rose up the ranks of the comedy circuit in addition to earning bit roles in the film I’m Gonna Git You Sucka in 1988 and the TV series Miami Vice.



Comedy – Stand-Up Special – Chris Rock Live at Catch A Rising Star In New York City – 1987 – An inthepark002 Production Special – “Eddie Murphy Discovers Chris Rock at Catch A Rising Star, NYC”                                                                    


Comedy & Movies – Movieclip From The Movie “Beverly Hills Cop II – Starring Chris & Eddie Murphy – 1987 – A lasttojointubeProduction Special“Eddie Murphy Drives His Cement Truck To Be Parked In The High Society Event….and Parking Lot Attendant Has Something To Say About That”                                                                


Comedy & Movies – Movieclip From The Movie “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”- Starring Chris Rock + Jim Brown + Bernie Casey + Isaac Hayes – 1987 – A AceofIdiotsProduction Special“…..and Chris Rock Want Just 1 Rib”


Rock was a cast member of the sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1993…..where he and other new cast members Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade became known as the Bad Boys of SNL.  In 1991, he released his 1st comedy album, Born Suspect…..and won acclaim for his role as a crack addict in the film New Jack City.  His tenure on SNL gave Rock national exposure…..plus he hosted SNL 3 times in 1996, 2014 and 2020.  With plans to leave Saturday Night Live after the 1992–93 season, Rock was effectively “fired” from the show…..so, beginning that fall, he appeared in 6 episodes of the predominantly African American sketch show In Living Color as a special guest star…..but the show was canceled a month after he arrived.  Rock then wrote and starred in the low-budget comedy film CB4…..which made $18 million against its budget of $6 million.  He then signed on as client of 3 Arts Entertainment.



Comedy – Saturday Night Live With Host Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue – 1996 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Chris Rock: SNL Opening Monologue As He Talks About Life After Being An SNL Cast Member…..While Performing Some Of His Most Popular Stand-Up Routines”                                                                                 


Comedy & Rap Music – Saturday Night Live Skit With Chris Rock Rap About “Nikey Turkey For Thanksgiving” – 1990 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Chris Rock In This Nike Commercial Parody…..As A Spokesperson (Chris Rock) Who Raps About the Pump-Inflated Nikey Turkey…..With The Thanksgiving Bird Big Enough To Feed Even The Largest Family.”                                                                                       


Comedy – Saturday Night Live Skit With Chris Rock – 1990 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Chris Rock In Covid 19 Superspreader Event Skit”                                                                                                               


Comedy – Saturday Night Live Weekend Update With Correspondent Chris Rock 1992 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Chris Rock Tries To Figure Out Why Racists In The Hot Desert Town of Tucson, AZ Don’t Want a Free Day Off Work for Martin Luther King Day.”                                                                                                                                  


Comedy – A CH News Special Report – “Why Chris Rock Left SNL For In Living Color” – 2020 A Comedy Hype Production Special – “Chris Rock’s Exit From SNL Has A Back Story Not Often Talked About…..As CH News Dominic Smith Reports On Rock’s Desire To Join In Living Color Would Lead To His Departure.”                      


Rock headlined his 1st HBO comedy special in 1994, titled Big Ass Jokes, as part of HBO Comedy Half-Hour…..when his 2nd special, 1996’s Bring the Pain, made Rock one of the most acclaimed and commercially successful comedians in the industry…..as Chris Rock won two Emmy Awards for the special and gained large critical acclaim…..and by the way, a controversial part of the special was “Niggas vs. Black People”…..then for his much-publicized role as a commentator for Comedy Central’s Politically Incorrect during the 1996 Presidential elections, he earned another Emmy nomination.  Rock also was the voice for the “Lil Penny” puppet who was the alter ego to basketball star Penny Hardaway in a series of Nike shoe commercials from 1994 to 1998…..plus, he hosted the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards…..while his 1st music video was for his song “Your Mother’s Got a Big Head” from his album Born Suspect.  Rock also made videos for his songs “Champagne” from Roll With the New and “No Sex (In the Champagne Room)” from Bigger & Blacker.



Comedy – HBO Comedy Half Hour Special – Featuring Chris Rock: “Big Ass Jokes” – 1994 – An Old School Comics Production Special – “In The First HBO Stand-Up Special By Comedian Chris Rock”



Comedy – HBO Comedy Hour Special – Featuring Chris Rock: “Bring On The Pain” – 1996 – An
Art Of Sports
Production Special – “In The 2nd HBO Stand-Up Special By Comedian Chris Rock”                                          


TV Ad & Comedy – Nike Television Commercials – Featuring “Lil Penny” (Chris Rock) and Anfernee Hardaway For Nike – 1996 – A Simply Hoops Production Special – “A Series Of TV Ads Featuring Lil Penny Penny Hardaway Commercials For Nike”



Music & Comedy – Official Promo For MTV’s Video Music Awards – Featuring Host Chris Rock’s Men In Black Parody Promotion: “Our Host Is Black” – 1997 – A Fuzzy Legends Archives Production Special – “Aired Leading Up To The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards”                                                                                                            


Music & Comedy – Official Music Video From the Album “Born Suspect” – Chris Rock Performs“Your Mother’s Got A Big Head” – 1997 – A Sundayjoint Production Special – “Chris Rock Wins An MTV Music Video Award On The Night He Hosted The MTV Awards Show”                                                                                                      


Music & Comedy – Official Music Video From the Album “Roll With The New” – Chris Rock Performs“Champange” – 1997 – A theryanegan Production Special – “Chris Rock  Music Video Award On The Good Life”



Music & Comedy – Official Music Video From the Album “Bigger & Blacker” – Chris Rock Performs“No Sex In The Champagne Room” – 199 – A ChrisRockVEVO Production Special – “Chris Rock Says There’s Lots of Champagne, But No Sex In The Champagne Room”                                                                                                                   


Rock later had two more HBO comedy specials with Bigger & Blacker in 1999…..and Never Scared in 2004…..as articles relating to both specials called Rock “the funniest man in America” in Time and Entertainment Weekly.  HBO also aired his talk show, The Chris Rock Show…..which gained critical acclaim for Rock’s interviews with celebrities and politicians…..as the show won an Emmy for writing.  His television work has won him a total of three Emmy Awards and 15 nominations.  By the end of the decade, Rock was established as one of the preeminent stand-up comedians and comic minds of his generation…..when during this time, Rock also translated his comedy into print form in the book Rock This!…..and released the Grammy Award-winning comedy albums, Roll with the NewBigger & Blacker and Never Scared.  Rock’s 5th HBO special, Kill the Messenger, premiered on September 27, 2008…..and won him another Emmy for outstanding writing for a variety or music program.



Comedy – Chris Rock Recorded Full Album From the HBO Comedy Special “Bigger And Blacker” – 1999 – A Wolfie Production Special – “Without a Doubt One Of The Greatest Stand-Up Comedy Records Of All Time”                                                                                                                                                                                       


Comedy – HBO Comedy Special – Chris Rock: “Never Scared” – 2004 – A Michael Brown Production Special – “HBO Present Chris Rock’s 5th Comedy Special (Full Show)”                                                                                                               


Comedy – HBO Comedy Special – Chris Rock Show (Season 2 Episode 4) With Guest Vivica A. Fox + Musical Guest Missy Misdemeanor Elliot – 1998 – A Mike Domey Production Special – “Popular Episode of The Chris Rock Show”                                                                                                                                                                                         


Comedy – HBO Comedy Special – Chris Rock: “Kill The Messenger” – Live In London + New York City + Johannesburg – 2008 – A Michael Brown Production Special – “A Compilation of Chris Rock’s Kill The Messenger Tour”                                                                                                                                                                   


It was not until the success of his stand-up act in the late 1990’s that Rock began receiving leading man status in films…..as he began the decade with supporting roles in such films as New Jack City in 1991 as crack addict Pookie…..then in the Eddie Murphy comedy Boomerang in 1992…..the Steve Martin comedy Sgt. Bilko in 1996…..as well as Beverly Hills Ninja in 1997….. plus Lethal Weapon 4 in 1998. He also appeared in the Kevin Smith fantasy comedy film Dogma in 1999…..when the film received positive reviews and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival…..while starring an ensemble cast with actors such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek and Alan Rickman.  He then starred in the dark comedy Nurse Betty in 2000…..which starred Renée Zellweger, Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear…..and also debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000…..while the film was a critical success…..albeit in the later 2000’s, Rock started to work increasingly behind the camera….. when he wrote the film Down to Earth in 2001, along with friend and comedian Louis C.K…..which was was based on the Warren Beatty film, Heaven Can Wait in 1978…..also, that same year, Rock produced and starred in the C.K. directed film Pootie Tang in 2001…..all the while, he would work as a writer and director of the political comedy Head of State in 2003…..along with the marital comedy I Think I Love My Wife in 2007…..while also playing the lead in both films. He went on to star in films like The Longest Yard in 2005 opposite Adam Sandler…..along with the action comedy film Bad Company in 2002 opposite Anthony Hopkins.



Movie – Official Trailer from the Movie “Nurse Betty” – Starring Renee Zellweger + Greg Kinnear + Morgan Freeman + Chris Rock – 2000 – A Trailer Chan Production Special – “Comedy About A Widow’s Post-Traumatic Obsession With A Soap Opera Star”                                                                                                                                      


Movie – Movie Clip from the Movie “Down To Earth” – Starring Regina King + Mark Addy +
Eugene Levy + Chris Rock – 2001 – A saint9889 Production Special – “Ruff Ryders Anthem Scene”                                               


Movie – Official Trailer from the Movie “Pootie Tang” – Starring Lance Crouther + Wanda Sykes + Robert Vaughn + Chris Rock – 2001 – A Paramount Movies Production Special – “Adapted from a Comedy Sketch on HBO’s “The Chris Rock Show,” Pootie Tang is the Ultimate Super Hero as a Cool Walking, Smooth Talking Ladies Man and a Role Model to All the Children…..While Everybody Looks Up to Pootie Except for the Evil Dick Lecter, CEO of Lecter Corp, Which Makes Cigarettes, Alcohol and Fast Food. Can Pootie’s Cool Determination and Strength Prevail Over the Evil Lecter and His Crew?”                                                                                   


Movie – Official Trailer from the Movie “Bad Company” – Starring Anthony Hopkins + Matthew Marsh + Gabriel Mach + Chris Rock – 2002 – A Trailer Chan Production Special – “When An Ivy League-Educated C.I.A. Agent Is Killed During An Operation, The Secret Agency Recruits His Twin Brother (Chris Rock)”                        


In September 2005, the UPN television network premiered a comedy series called Everybody Hates Chris…..which was loosely based on Rock’s school days, while being the executive producer and narrator. The show has garnered both critical and ratings success.  The series was nominated for a 2006 Golden Globe for Best TV Series (Musical or Comedy), a 2006 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Television Comedy, and two 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards for costuming and cinematography.                                                             



Comedy – UPN Television Network Comedy Series (Season 1 Pilot) – “Everybody Hates Chris” – 2005 – An LOL Network Production Special – “Kick Off LOL! Network With Two Hilarious Episodes of “Everybody Hates Chris” Pilot Episode”



Comedy – UPN Television Network Comedy Series (Season 1 Episodes 5, 6 + 7) – “Everybody Hates Chris” – 2005 – An LOL Network Production Special – “From the Mind of Chris Rock: The Story of His Teenage Years in Brooklyn…..Starring Terry Crews + Tyler James Williams + Tichina Arnold”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Comedy – UPN Television Network Comedy Series (Season 2 Part 1) – “Everybody Hates Chris” – 2006 – An The Nostalgia Guy Production Special – “Julius is the Caring, Devoted, Easygoing, Levelheaded, But Very Worrywart, Cowardly, Frugal, Stingy and Cheap Father of a 46-year-old…..Who Has Two Jobs As A Newspaper Delivery Man and Security Guard.”






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