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L E’s Stories – Why Humans Love Sports + Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Why Humans Love Sports + Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Quite honestly, although I was at BD’s side for every game and every sports program that he watched over the past 112 dog years that I’ve been with him…..which adds up to thousands of games…..it has only been within the last couple of years that I have fully understood sports….cuz remember I just got my Sportsphile accreditation two years ago when I took on this project of posting Bone Daddy’s entire 2300 hours of vintage content….so,  I have often pondered why so many HUMANS are involved in the universe of sports….cuz sports ain’t that big in the dog world.  Oh, we have some professional level dogs….hunting, retrieving,  racing, and even some frisbee catching types….along with many show dogs…..like Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benji, Old Yeller and Lady & The Tramp…..just to name a few of my favorites…..but for most of us dogs…..we basically keep it simple….as we just eat, sleep, play, fool around (when we feel like it….or get a chance)….and lick ourselves where you HUMANS can’t.  

However, we dogs will let each of our HUMANS that God Dog sent us to live with…..do their sports thing…..as much and as often as they want to engage in those sports activities…..cuz when you get right down to it….HUMAN involvement in sports wears them out….helps them sleep better at night…..and allows them an enjoyable release of all or most of their internal anxieties. It is not unlike the approach that HUMANS take with their own kids….cuz as you HUMANS will remember….once their children’s tanks have run dry of energy….after a short period of disintegration has been completed…. comes peaceful sleep….aaahhh that wonderful quiet time.  

So, yep….we dogs not only like our HUMANS to be involved in sports….we actually encourage it…..I mean, just why do you think we chase all those balls and things that our best friends throw when we’re out walking….for I can tell you this…it is not because you say”Fetch”.  Why do you think all dogs act so excited when our HUMANS pull out the leash to take us for a walk?…..cuz the truth is that we’re not the ones that need the walk.  You get it don’t you? 

Anyway, it is easy to understand why so many HUMANS are involved in the universe of sports…..for honestly, from this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s perspective…..sports is basically fair competition between opposing people and factions….that is just simply fun to play….cuz everyone has to play by the rules of the competition…it is pure and simple….played by competitors playing by the same rules…which makes sports a level playing field for skinny to fat….speedy to slow….white to black….genius to normal of all types….and when you add the memories from times spent with ones loved during those times of involvements in sports….and it is glaringly obvious why HUMASN love sports. I will try to explain why dogs are man’s best friend…in a chiweenie dog sorta way….short and simple….because God Dog knows that HUMANS need and search for unconditional love….and that is something that all we dogs have….and HUMANS mothers do more than HUMAN fathers.   

I love my Bone Daddy and proud to call him my friend….especially those times when I’m laying in his lap….and he’s rubbing my beautiful ears back….while telling me about how much joy and happiness that I bring to him….for I’m his # 1 companion for life….at least that’s what he tells me.  All I can tell you is that within the past 112 years, I have been around a lot of women who spent time with Bone Daddy….and although some of them professed to love him….the truth be told….none of them to hold a candle to my unconditional love for MY BONE DADDY.  I have posted two of my favorite videos that tend to get lost in the vastness of our ImaSportsphile video museum….with one being about the best showman and greatest fast pitch softball pitcher to ever live Eddie Feighner….as I went with Bone Daddy in the late 1960’s to see The King and His Court play an exhibition fast pitch softball game against the Midland Fast Pitch Major League All Star Team….and was WOW’D by how a pitcher, a catcher, a first baseman and a rover could beat a semi-professional team of all-stars and beat them….but they did….so, Eddie Feighner will always be a hero of mine. The 2nd favorite video of mine is the 1977 Disney Animation production of Sings Along Songs in their Fun With Music program….cuz it makes me feel good every time I watch it. 




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