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Special – All Sports – Editorial – L E’s Stories Special – “It All Just Came Together…..The Life And Times Of A Developing SportsPhile”

ImaSportsphile is the combinations of three brothers playing ball almost every day of their lives growing up under the guidance of a Dad that used sports as a teaching tool for things like fair play…..rules….. and gettin’ back up after getting knocked down….plus so much more stuff that provided real “life lessons” learned within the universe of sports ….which provided benefit every time the fundamentals of the lessons were applied throughout their life….as this was really good stuff.                                                           

Boxing – Highlights Of Greatest Grudge Fights Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier + Sugar Ray Robinson vs Gene Fullmer + Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling + Jack Dempsey vs GeneTunney

So, growing up in that kind of environment made for a really good process of being taught life’s lessons almost by osmosis….which carried Bone Daddy well after his sports playing days were over….when he no longer played competitive baseball, basketball, football, bowling, volleyball, tennis, etc…..from Little League through Jr High and High School…along with 5 yrs in Intramural sports at the University of Texas….where Bone Daddy , the original Sportsphile, played on multiple intramural championship teams in multiple sports like flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball and bowling….as evidenced by the photos seen in this post….which was followed by almost 3 decades of playing city league sports… each year’s calendar was completely full of playing ball….which was the precursor to still playing at age 38….when the Over the Hill Gang was a team consisting of those same three brothers that played ball with each other dang near every day while growing up ….when they became the City League flag football champions while roaming the city league football fields of Austin, Tx….and that morphed into being half owner and manager of Austin’s premier sports bar Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th street ….and later at 921 Pleasant Valley Rd. in Austin, Tx….which is where the 2300 hour video library being posted herewith was recorded during some 17 years of operation of his bar….which eventually led to this ImaSportsphile webpage.                                                                                                                                   

Olympics – 1956 – Melbourne Olympics – Track & Field Special – “The Fastest Men On Earth” – Featuring USA Bobby Morrow

                                                                                                                                                                                    Simply put, IT ALL JUST CAME TOGETHER…..cuz it certainly wasn’t planned….but it sure was meant to be….as evidenced by our site….whether it is one of our 12,000 pieces of sports memorabilia or one of 5400 (currently Apr 2020) vintage videos….as evidenced by the collection pieces and videos featured in this webpage herewith…..for as Bone Daddy puts it….“It took until I was 65 years old before I realized what I was and why I was here on this Earth…..for I was meant to become the 1st known accredited  Sportsphile…..and the person who was meant to provide the contents of ImaSportsphile including the 2300 hours of vintage video that is currently in process of being posted in its entirety along with the 12,000 pieces of sports memorabelia”… Bone Daddy was in training for 65 years just for this very purpose.                                                                                                                                                                           

Comedy – 1986 – Richard Pryor Live On Sunset Strip – Talking About Using The N*****  Word

The truth be known…. as soon as I finish posting BD’s entire vintage video library (+/- 11,000 videos)…. which will take at least another 3 years….then it is our intention to create a charitable foundation called ImaSportsphile Academy….and give the entire webpage to the foundation….when it will become a video museum that any person can have access too for a minimal monthly or yearly membership to the museum subscription….as all of the proceeds from the museum will be used for the purpose of building ImaSportsphile Academy facilities….which will include residential quarters, school classrooms, mess halls and sports facilities of all types…..wherein our kids will grow up learning the important lessons that will serve them well throughout their lives after graduation.                                                                                       

NBA – 1956 To 1969 – Special – The Legendary Career Of Boston Celtics C Bill Russell Featuring 11 NBA Championships

ImaSportsphile Academy will only be available to children without homes or from abusive environments ….for this sports academy will require that all attendees participate in some fashion in the sport(s) of their choice…..while being able to choose an education degree plan from sports management, sports marketing, sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports fitness, sports agency, sport medicine, sports facility maintenance and all things sports related from which their schooling will prepare them to advance into their fields of choice.                                                                                                                                            

NFL – 1915 To 1928 – NFL Films – Tribute to Jim Thorpe – # 37 On The NFL 100 Greatest Players List

Obviously, it is our opinion here at ImaSportsphile that growing up in an environment of sports affords the greatest opportunity for acquiring the skills necessary to achieve anything in life that one could desire…. whether that person has any significant athletic talent or not…..for once they learn the foundations of fair play by the rules… the concept of getting knocked down….and the importance of getting back up, while dusting oneself off….and getting back into the fray of competition….with intention of winning …. while understanding the importance of being a good winner with humility…and a good loser with respect for the lessons that the game just played taught you….cuz all of this and more will go a long way in making better human beings on this Earth and giving those who don’t get much a chance to shine.                                                                                                                                                                             

MLB – 1914 To 1935 – HBO Special – The Life And Legend Of Babe Ruth

Each and every piece of sports memorabelia that is showcased in my stories….will be owned by the foundation….so, it gives me pleasure to share the collectibles….I mean, can you imagine the time, effort  and money it took to put the contents of this museum together….and heck, that was just 40 years ago. So, each piece shown in my stories are simply “golden nuggets” in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile…..cuz they are here to be enjoyed….and to stimulate fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Golf – 1960 – Highlights – U S Open Championship – With Champion Arnold Palmer

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