Mime – Red Skelton & Marcel Marceau – The Lion Tamer & A Piece Of Bacon Frying


Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton (July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997) was an American entertainer. He was best known for his national radio and television acts between 1937 and 1971….and as host of the television program The Red Skelton Show….who has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in radio and television….also appeared in vaudeville, films, nightclubs, and casinos….all while he pursued an entirely separate career as an artist.  Skelton’s artwork of clowns remained a hobby until 1964 when his wife, Georgia, convinced him to have a showing of his work at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas while he was performing there. Sales of his originals were successful and Skelton also sold prints and lithographs of them….earning $2.5 million yearly on lithograph sales.  At the time of his death, his art dealer believed that Skelton had earned more money through his paintings than from his television work.

Red Skelton believed his life’s work was to make people laugh….as he wanted to be known as a clown….caz he defined it as being able to do everything. He had a 70-year career as a performer…..entertaining three generations of Americans during this time….and the best part of The Clown Prince of Comedy….he never used one curse word in his 70 years of making people laugh….and that is incredible.

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