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MLB – 1930 To 1950 – Baseball Greatest Hits – Sultan Of Swat + Gas House Gang + Stars Of The Era


We have often brought it to the attention of our viewers and readers how much we at ImaSportsphile enjoy ESPN’s Baseball’s Greatest Hits series….of which we consider “nuggets of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage videos….cuz the highlights footage from these programs are priceless in the annals of sports fandoms….as in this case….baseball fans, which has a fan base that is not like any other sports.

Baseball is strategy, stats, risks, patience, loyalty and opinions….on dang near every pitch….with a season unlike ANY other sport….162 game season….with next closest being the NBA at an 82 game season.   This video provides footage of Babe Ruth The Sultan of Swat and his New York Yankees during the decade of the 1930’s….then comes awesome saga of the St Louis Cardinals Gas House Gang…..with highlights of the stars of the 1930’s and 1940’s. 

During the time frame of 1930 to 1949….as covered by this video herewith….was the period that cemented the New York Yankees as the Gold Standard of Major League Baseball…..as they won 9 World Series in that 20 year span…..then came the 1950’s and 1960’s with Billy, Whitey, Yogi and The Mick, Mickey Mantle coupled with the genesis and matureization of live televised MLB….which makes this MUST SEE TV for any and all baseball fans.

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