MLB – 1980 – Audrey Kates Interview Commissioner Bowie Kuhn Regarding Drawing More Blacks Into MLB

From 1947, when Jackie Roosevelt Robinson became the 1st black to break the color barrier in MLB…..to the start of the decade of the 1980’s…..the sport of baseball was able to draw some of the best black athletes in the USA into baseball…..as during this period, the MLB game rivaled the NFL and NBA in attracting many of the greatest black athletes….but as the 1980’s began their decade…..the sport of baseball was already showing signs of the best black athletes going into football and basketball…..and MLB knew it was going to be a growing trend that they were going to have to deal with….as this video herewith so aptly points out. 

In this video herewith….hostess Audrey Kates of the made for TV baseball special The Boys in the Field….made a special visit to MLB Commissioner of Baseball Bowie Kuhn’s office for an interview on the subject of attracting more black player to the game.

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