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MLB – 1981 – Special – Memories Of Super Fans & MLB Bloopers Highlights


Legendary New York Yankees games broadcaster Mel Allen….The Voice of the Yankees” from 1939 to 1964…. created a whole new career after being fired by the Yanks…..by creating a HBO Baseball series called This Week In Baseball….which was hugely successful….and we at ImaSportsphile are extremely happy to have so many This Week In Baseball videos in our library…..as Allen had many creative segments during the shows that were what we call “expansions into the realm of baseball”….like when he did baseball’s 1st rap song….or like in this video herewith….where he gets the thoughts and memorable moments  of famous basebal fans like….Dick Cavett, President Ronald Reagan, singer Toni Tennille of “Captain and Tennille” fame, actor/producer Ron Howard, the US Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill et al. 

This video segment alone….was worth the price of watching….but the last half of this video can stand on its own….as Mel Allen provides the baseball fanatic with wonderful videos of some of MLB’s all time bloopers….many of which are down right hilarious.   

With all that being said….after watching this video….you will know why our This Week In Baseball videos are “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories….cuz this is great stuff!!! ENJOY!!!   

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