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MLB – 1981 – Special – Mr Baseball Bob Uecker Fantasy – All Star Game + Orioles Mgr Earl Weaver


Bob Uecker is best known as Mr. Baseball, the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers…..who is a fun loving ex-MLB catcher who likes to fantasize more often than not….as in this video where he completes the call of the Yankees vs Brewers game just before the upcoming All Star game….when his fantasy takes him on a magic carpet ride of what it would be like to manage the impending All Star game……and as only Mr. Baseball can do….he imagines himself as the Skipper for the National League All Stars. 

My favorite part of the video is when Uecker informs the public that as a catcher, umpires loved him, not like the way they feel about managers who “gripe and bitch” about everything…..as he gives the fan an understanding of how to take on a home plate umpire like Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver…..when he provides an up close and personal look at how to use the bill of the baseball cap to his advantage in such disputes with the Ump….for this is great stuff….and well worth the watch and the chuckles that go with it…..so, ENJOY!!!

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