MLB – 1983 – Unofficial Baseball Handbook – Conducting Interviews + Zany Fans + Ballpark Dogs

We have often commented on videos that come up which simply “tickle our fancy” here at ImaSportsphile….and the subjects covered in the footage of this particular Unofficial Baseball Handbook piece…..where hosts Jim, Sean and Mike cover a range of subjects commonplace in baseball, but rarely talked about. 

Sean Mooney kicks off with a piece about the subject of “How to conduct an MLB interview”…..with the Phillies fun loving P Tug McGraw…..whose lil bro is the country singer Tim McGraw…..as Tug shows Sean which page “interviews” are covered in the Unofficial Baseball Handbook…..plus he also provides proof of ball players becoming actors with footage of himself and Lenny Randle’s stand-up comedy routine.   

The next subject covered in the Handbook is a look at the zany fans who come to the park….which is of course, well worth the watch of this video…..cuz it is simply fun…..and sports fans around the world are indeed ZANY.   

However,  our favorite part of this video is the Unofficial Baseball Handbook page on eating hot dos at the ballpark…..and in tribute to Bone Daddy’s favorite “ballpark dog” is the Dodger Dog….which is world famous…..as the Dodger Dog is a hot dog named after the Major League Baseball franchise that sells them the Los Angeles Dodgers…..which is a 10 inch pork wiener wrapped in a steamed bun. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, the projected number of 2011 season hot dogs sold at Dodger Stadium was 2 million—establishing Farmer John Dodger Dogs as the leader in hot dog sales of all those sold in Major League Baseball ballparks.

There are two lines for Dodger Dog vendors…..steamed or grilled…..where the vendors of the grilled dogs are typically located near the back wall of the stadium….so that the smoke doesn’t overwhelm the baseball fans. The grilled Dogs are considered the “classic” version…..and Bone Daddy confirms that they are the best by far.

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