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MLB – 1983 – Unofficial Baseball Handbook – Tug McGraw Discusses How To Conduct MLB Interviews

One of those “life’s unexpected surprises” happened for us here at ImaSportsphile when we ran across the series of “Unofficial Baseball Handbook” clips that this video came from….for it is truly a different angle to the game of Major League Baseball…..as host Sean Mooney takes the viewer through a whimsical look at the comedians in the game….and how so many different approaches to various elements of baseball like “how to conduct an interview” ….as Mooney discusses with Phillies P Tug McGraw. 

The Unofficial Baseball Handbook program provided many different angles to the game of baseball…..as hosts Jim and Sean Mooney highlights “off the beaten path” subjects that are an integral part of the game like “how to conduct an MLB interview” as seen in this video herewith….along with “the game’s practical jokers”….or “players superstitiouns”…..and their distaste for The Wave in a piece called “Wave Busters”…..wherein each subject is laced with humor and satire….which makes these Unofficial Baseball Handbook pieces priceless in our treasure chest of vintage memories here at ImaSportsphile.

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