MLB – 1984 – The Unofficial Baseball Handbook Special Feature – Serious Ball Players Being Serious


i wish I knew the names of these two guys that were hosts of the TBS Network special The Unofficial Baseball Handbook….cuz not only were these cats creative in their content…..but they were also really funny in a “straight man slap stick” sort of way….like their coverage of “serious baseball players being serious” ….as in this video herewith…..for these guys just tickle this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s funny bone. 

One of the really cool aspects about being a professional baseball player is that they have so much time on their hands in any given ballgame….that they get to be “just a little bit goofy” sometimes….which generally comes from day-dreaming on goofy subjects…..like “serious ball players being serious” ….I mean, seriously after all….it is in the unofficial handbook.


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