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MLB 1984 The Unofficial Baseball Handbook Special Feature Those Zany Goofy Fans


Several psychologists have studied fan loyalty….and what causes a person to be a loyal fan….you know, one that sticks with a team through “thick and thin”….rather than a bandwagon fan or fair weather fan”,… who switches support to whatever teams happens to be successful at the time.

We here at ImaSportsphile attribute the definition of which type of fan someone might be to some factors such as entertainment value….the acceptance of the event as real and meaningful…..the bonding of each fan to their team…..the team history and traditions…..the group affiliation of those that surround them at the games……and of course, the die-hards who just love their team no matter what…..but regardless of which factors affect each fan at a ballgame….there will always be the “goofy ones” ….as evidenced by this video herewith….in which you will see every factor mentioned above at work.

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